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Chapter 108 - Leaving the Capital

  "Boss, ask for two bowls of duck blood vermicelli." Yuan Xue and the boss finished and smiled at Li Dong: "Here duck blood vermicelli taste particularly good, and the taste of the one near the first middle school, later you try." Li Dong's brain was empty, and finally could not remember which one sold duck blood vermicelli near the first middle school in the end. Or sell too many duck blood vermicelli, the hell know which one Qin Yuhan went to. But this kind of thing and women can not be serious, Li Dong vaguely head did not say anything. When the duck blood vermicelli was served, Yuan Xue ate very fragrantly. While eating also smiled at Li Dong: "You taste, is not that taste?" Li Dong perfunctorily tasted a bite, and felt that the taste was just average. As for the taste of Yuan Xue's mouth, Li Dong really does not know, and he does not know which one Yuan Xue eats. But the mouth still returned: "En, the taste is similar." In fact, he did not like it very much, plus he had already eaten dinner, so he did not have much appetite at all. After barely eating a few bites, Li Dong put down his chopsticks. Yuan Xue was eating happily and looked up again: "Li Dong ……" but saw that Li Dong had already put down his chopsticks, a large bowl of vermicelli almost did not move, instantly Yuan Xue's eyes dimmed down. No words, Yuan Xue lowered his head and continued to eat. Li Dong also did not pay attention, has waited for Yuan Xue to finish eating before retracting the left and right gaze. After eating the vermicelli, Li Dong asked, "What else are you going to eat?" Yuan Xue shook her head and said softly, "Walk with me." Li Dong felt that her tone was a bit off, as if she was not as cheerful as she was at the beginning. But did not think much about it, sniffed his head, and then the two of them strolled up and down the street. After walking for about ten minutes, Yuan Xue has not said anything. Li Dong scratched his head, he is stupid again also feel abnormal, good how suddenly changed. Is it because just that bowl of duck blood vermicelli? But Li Dong also did not feel any special ah. Just want to speak, Yuan Xue suddenly stopped in his tracks. Li Dong hurriedly stopped, and saw that Yuan Xue under the street lamp was full of tears, large drops of tears slipped down his cheeks. Li Dong froze for a moment, somewhat at a loss for words: "What's wrong?" Yuan Xue shook her head and laughed lightly, "Nothing, my eyes are a little uncomfortable." Striking rubbed his eyes, Yuan Xue laughed again, "Li Dong, it's a pity that it's not a snowy day, otherwise I would love to sing a song to you." Li Dong suddenly felt a great blockage in his heart, forced a smile and said, "If you want, you can sing anytime, it does not have to be a snow day." Yuan Xue shook her head again, tears could not stop sliding down. Finally sobbed, "Li Dong, or I'd better sing it to you, I'm afraid I won't have this opportunity later." Li Dong felt himself breathless, gasping: "There is a chance, there is a chance ……" Yuan Xue tears like rain, did not look at Li Dong, but opened his mouth with a hoarse voice and sang. "True love is like a vast grassland, layers of wind and rain can not be blocked. There is always a time when the clouds open and the sun rises, the sun shines on you and me. True love like plum blossoms, cold ice and snow can not be hidden. …… snowflakes drifting north wind Xiao Xiao, heaven and earth a pale. A cut of cold plum, standing proudly in the snow, only for the fragrance of the Iyi. I love what I love with no regrets, and this love will stay in my heart for a long time. ……" "Oooh, Li Dong, I want to sing to you when it snows in the next rabi, but there is no chance." The song is still the same, the Iyi has departed. Yuan Xue went away, went away sadly, as if today to see Li Dong is to say goodbye. Standing in place for a long time, Li Dong muttered, "What the hell is going on here?" He was so uncomfortable in his heart that he was even a little confused. Before it was obviously fine, suddenly such a big transformation happened, Li Dong was a little overwhelmed.