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Chapter 109 - Renting a Building

  After sending Qin Yuhan away, Li Dong went to Longhua in the afternoon. Just entered the office, before his buttocks were hot, Sun Tao barged in with a breeze. "Mr. Li, you're here!" Seeing Li Dong, Sun Tao breathed a long sigh of relief, Li Dong again not coming he was almost driven crazy by himself. Without waiting for Li Dong to open his mouth, Sun Tao asked, "Mr. Li, do you really want to take 50 million to speculate in stocks?" "Sit down and talk first." Li Dong did not rush to reply, greeted Sun Tao to sit down, and said to Liu Qi outside the door: "Make a cup of tea for Mr. Sun." Liu Qi answered, and in a short time brought in two cups of tea. Sun Tao did not have the leisure to drink tea, waiting for Liu Qi out, asked: "General Li, you will not consider it?" Li Dong frowned, shook his head and said, "I am sure." Sun Tao is full of tangled face, the stock this thing can still be nine times sure, speculation in the beginning who is not full of confidence, but in the end the most loss is also these people. The words Sun Tao did not say, but the face of the reluctance to show no doubt. Li Dong thought about it, or placate a sentence: "I have inside information, sure to earn, when have you seen me do things that are not sure?" Sun Tao smiled bitterly, not knowing whether to say Li Dong is too naive, or should say that Li Dong has a wide range of people. As for what inside information and so on, Sun Tao is a hundred do not believe. If you can really make a lot of money, people will tell the news to outsiders? Just like those experts on TV, each one said like a godsend, which stock can rise, which stock will fall. But ten ** are horses after the gun, can really know the fall they also analyze a fart, simply go to buy good. Have the heart to advise a sentence, see Li Dong look firm, Sun Tao thought about it or suppressed to the mouth words. He is just an employee, not a shareholder, persuade a few sentences can be, to get an inch is disgusting. Taking a deep breath, Sun Tao nodded and said, "Since you have decided, then I will not say more." Said and said: "The money has been prepared, if you need, just greet in advance." Li Dong answered, Sun Tao no longer entangled on the good. As for what Sun Tao thinks in his heart, Li Dong does not care, as long as it does not affect the work. When he made a profit on Baidu, then Sun Tao will naturally be more convinced of himself, now there is no need to explain too much. After talking about the money, Li Dong asked, "Is there anything else going on in the company these days?" Seeing Li Dong ask, Sun Tao hurriedly said, "There is really something waiting for your decision." "The recruitment of college students ended during the days you went to the capital. This time recruited more than seventy people ……" Sun Tao first briefly introduced the recruitment, and then said: "But so many people can't all stuff into Longhua. I think it is not first rent a place to act as the company headquarters, otherwise it is not convenient." The people recruited must be sent to each branch to intern, but now the branches in Fucheng and Tongshan are not yet in sight. Qing Yang branches alone can not eat so many people, plus training, no own territory really can not. This is Li Dong neglected, he was ambitiously thinking about building their own headquarters, has not thought about this. But now the headquarters is still just a flower in the mirror, before the small number of people does not matter, more people is to find a new place to work. After thinking about it, Li Dong said, "How about the Global Building next to it?" Global building is next to Longhua, close to Longhua supermarket, and convenient to do business. Sun Tao actually also looked at the Global Building, but explained, "The rent there is quite expensive." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "It doesn't matter if it's more expensive, it'll last for a year or two first, sooner or later I'll have to build my own headquarters!"