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Chapter 110: A roar of injustice

  Hearing Li Dong say so, Song Bin hastened to bemoan: "This is the real 400 square feet, I can still cheat you on this." Li Dong thought about it, if you sign the contract later, how many square feet is to be written. Song Bin would not be able to lie about it, but Li Dong felt that it was too small. But he also did not look at this, and turned to say: "Then there is a slightly larger?" Song Bin eyes strange color flash, test: "You mean to rent the whole floor?" The words were said to Li Dong, Song Bin was looking at Sun Tao. To know that if the far side can rent the whole floor, the ultimate benefit is still him, he would not like Li Dong and they rent the whole floor. Li Dong and Sun Tao glanced at each other, then said: "First take us to see, if suitable to rent the whole floor is no problem." Song Bin looked happy and said, "That's fine, the 16th floor is still empty, and it's the only empty floor in the world, I'll show you." …… Li Dong had just left the elevator when an accident happened. A figure hurriedly bumped towards Li Dong and them, because Li Dong walked in the forefront, behind someone blocking no way back, was directly hit by a full arms. If not for the Sun Tao behind a hand, Li Dong almost fell. Even if he didn't fall, Li Dong's jaw was also hit by the other party's head, and the pain was so bad that he opened his mouth and said, "Don't you look at the road when you walk?" The person who hit Li Dong also stood stable at this moment, heard the words hurriedly said: "Sorry, I ……" just looked up, Wang Jia froze. Li Dong also froze for a moment, and then said in a good mood: "walking windy, what is the hurry?" Wang Jia lowered his head again, but did not say anything. Song Bin behind Li Dong said, "Xiao Wang, what's wrong with you?" Wang Jia looked at Li Dong, probably know Li Dong's purpose, reluctantly said: "Nothing, I forgot something did not take, now go down to get." After saying that, she wanted to go around Li Dong and go downstairs, but at that moment, a furious and angry scolding sound came from behind her: "Little bitch, you dare to kick me!" Li Dong several people frowned at the same time, Wang Jia even blushed. When the voice fell, a fat middle-aged man stumbled after him, covering his crotch. Once he saw so many people, the fat man's face changed slightly, then he returned to his normal state and pointed at Wang Jia and cursed: "Wang, you dare to kick the old man! If you don't kneel down and kowtow to me today, I'll sue you until your family is ruined believe it or not!" Wang Jia was furious and said angrily, "If you don't take advantage of me, why would I kick you!" The middle-aged man scolded: "Bullshit! You little bitch/child still dare to frame me ……" "Enough, keep your mouth clean!" Li Dong frowned and scolded, asked Wang Jia: "What's going on?" Wang Jia looked aggrieved and pointed at the fat man: "He said he wanted to see the room, and after I led him up here he tried to take advantage of me, and then I kicked him." "Damn /, you still dare to ……" not waiting for the middle-aged man finished cursing, Li Dong said coldly: "You cursed again try?" Not to mention whether Wang Jia is his friend, is not to know Wang Jia, Li Dong is also not used to this kind of guy full of dirty work. The middle-aged man was twice reprimanded by Li Dong, immediately became angry and said: "Fuck you, you are the old man! Believe me to find someone to kill you!" Li Dong face cold, "I'd like to see how you get me killed!" Said Li Dong did not look at him, turned to Song Bin said, "Call the police!" Song Bin is full of embarrassment, after a moment before whispering: "I think it is a misunderstanding, or forget it." Li Dong frowned, but did not speak.