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Chapter 111: All Things Go Wrong

  Out of the Global Building, Song Bin stood at the door and hesitated for a moment before he said to Wang Jia: "Wang, why don't I help you take two days off, Zhu Hongtao suffered a loss today, and I'm afraid he'll find you in trouble later." Wang Jia gritted his teeth, half a long time before nodding without saying a word. Li Dong frowned slightly and asked, "Your company does not care?" The backstage of the property management company of the Universal Building is also solid, and many neighborhoods and office buildings in this area of the University City are contracted by them. If the company's senior management is willing to intervene to reconcile a few, this is not a big problem. Song Bin let out a bitter smile, some helplessness: "This kind of thing the company generally will not step in, unless something happens in the company, but if out of the company ……" behind the not to say Li Dong also understand, out of the company is naturally not responsible. This is also a common sense, can protect employees in the company's territory is already benevolent, want the company for you to head, it depends on how much value you can create for the company. Wang Jia is just a rookie who just joined the company, no contribution to the company, naturally no one will stand up for her. Song Bin is probably a little embarrassed, and added: "I'll report this to the supervisor and see if he can set it up." This is not only Li Dong did not take seriously, Song Bin also knows in his own heart is just doing useless work. The next few people did not speak, Song Bin also did not leave. Li Dong know what he means, the world is all for profit, Song Bin is telling him the details of Zhu Hongtao, and help Wang Jia leave …… all said and done for a word of profit, no interest involved, Song Bin is too lazy to get involved in this kind of thing. If the usual, this kind of favor Li Dong handy also sent. But now Li Dong heart is not happy, naturally refused to mention the matter of renting the building. Song Bin also saw that the desire for speed is not achieved, and Li Dong chatted a few words, and then turned around and left. Once he left, Sun Tao swept Wang Jia a glance, faintly frowned: "Li, Zhu Hongtao side?" To say that Sun Tao is afraid of Zhu Hongtao is not so much, but this kind of small gang is the most difficult, business is generally peace and prosperity, messing with this kind of hobgoblin is really trouble. If they go to the supermarket two days to find trouble, the business is not done. As for expecting Zhu Hongtao does not know Li Dong their identity, this is a joke, turn around Zhu Hongtao a question, guarantee Song Bin will be able to their bottom line a clean. Li Dong understood his meaning, coldly said: "afraid of him a ball! Back to the security department to find a few ruthless characters, dare to mess up to clean him up, how much money I pay!" Sun Tao frowned, it was obvious that Li Dong's hard-line was not what he wanted. But now Li Dong is in a fury, persuasion is also in vain. Because Wang Jia is still there, some words Sun Tao also can not say, and Li Dong said a few words about renting the building, and then left first. As soon as he left, Wang Jia said, "Li Dong, am I causing you trouble?" Li Dong gave her a blank look and said, "I asked for it, who let that bastard dare to scold me." Wang Jia knew that Li Dong was comforting himself, some bitterness said: "The fortune teller said I have bad luck this year, before I did not believe, now I believe." Li Dong speechless, at least is also educated in science for decades, but also to tell fortunes. Not to take this, Li Dong asked again: "Where to go? Do you want me to drive you?" Li Dong's words sounded insincere, Wang Jia gas bitter, shook his head vigorously. If it wasn't for the favor she had received from Li Dong today, she would have wanted to scold this guy severely. This is a good way to ask questions? The girl should not be sent with an affirmative sentence, how to you this becomes a rhetorical question.