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Chapter 112 - Money is a good thing

  In the security room, Li Dong met the so-called ruthless characters. In fact, from the appearance, these guys and ordinary security guards are not much different. But the body is stronger is true, several people are small flat head, standing straight, by the feeling and temperament should have been a soldier. Sure enough, Sun Tao came together in Li Dong's ear and whispered: "are soldiers, the shortest has also been a soldier for six years, in the outside really can not mix down, begging for a meal." Li Dong did not speak, these days, there are many people who can not go on. These soldiers do not have a skill, out can only look for security and other jobs. It's not hard to feed yourself, but it's hard to feed a family. Look at just a few people's appearance, the youngest are afraid of thirty years old, it is the time to support the family, a month of a thousand dollars of salary how enough to use. Li Dong also no nonsense, directly said: "I recruit you to do what you should be clear, right?" One of the men with a scar on his brow nodded and said in a muffled voice: "Yes, as long as you do not kill and set fire to anything." "I wouldn't dare to kill or set fire to anything, don't worry about that." Li Dong lost his smile, waved his hand and said, "All you have to do is to fight and fight, as long as no one gets killed, I spend money to fight when something happens." Several people are silently listening, and do not comment. I can see that are honest people, but also by life forced to a dead end, otherwise would not do such things. Li Dong saw the situation did not say more, changed the subject and continued: "As for the salary, three thousand guaranteed, the bonus is calculated separately." When it comes to money, the eyes of several guys instantly lit up. The scarred man who spoke earlier hurriedly said, "There are bonuses?" Li Dong nodded and explained, "Of course there is a bonus, later I will let you do something, after doing a bonus of one thousand each!" Several people breathed sharply, the burning gaze looked at Li Dong are a little unnatural. <> These guys are afraid of being driven crazy by money, otherwise they wouldn't all be like wolves. But Li Dong liked it, the lack of money is good, the lack of money to have power. Also do not need to mobilize, look at this state, these guys are afraid that they can not wait to go out to work. After thinking about it, Li Dong still added: "In advance, if you do not dare to do, or can not put your hands, they leave, I do not keep idle people." Several people nodded their heads, this professional ethics they still have. Not to mention where to find such a good job, not to mention the bonus, is the base salary of three thousand is enough for them to fight for their lives. Next, Li Dong chatted with a few people and briefly understood their situation. The man with the scar on his brow is Zhou Haidong, thirty-six years old, eight years as a soldier, a daughter is only four years old. Several other people are called Zheng Long, Tan Yong, Cao Hongbing, the youngest Cao Hongbing is thirty years old, several people are dragging their families. Children are not big, especially Tan Yong, three children at home, the oldest is only five years old, it is the time to use the money. Several people are also forced by money, the family is counting on them, which is the coincidence of down the far side. After understanding the situation, Li Dong got up and said, "Go, take you to do a job today, after the bonus immediately!" Zhou Haidong several people hurried to follow, behind Sun Tao is fierce rolled his eyes. <> This which is still like a millionaire, said the words like a black boss. See Li Dong with a few people out, Sun Tao afraid of their accident, also hurriedly followed. …… Zhu Hongtao in order to disgust Li Dong, is also considered under the blood money. The six brawny men blocking the entrance of the supermarket in the distance, but really a bit of the god of the door. Seeing Li Dong with people out, a few guys vicious voice said: "Take the back door, do not see the door someone!" Li Dong frowned, these guys are more and more excessive. Before just hanging around at the door, now they are directly blocking the door.