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Chapter 113 - Visiting Hu Sicheng

  Zhou Haidong several people came back quickly. Li Dong didn't ask anything, just took out 12,000 on the spot and let the four people share. Several people were overjoyed, and when they looked at Li Dong again, the eyes of enthusiasm can simply melt steel. Li Dong frankly accept it, and then instructed them a few words to let them recently low-key some, and then sent away a few anxious to do a vote. After the incident as if nothing had happened, Zhu Hongtao's side did not have any reaction, the police department did not have any action. The supermarket business has returned to normal, and even the rumors on the market have disappeared. The more this happens, Li Dong is more and more alert. Biting dogs do not bark, Zhu Hongtao if shouting to revenge Li Dong is not afraid, but now this look instead of a share of the quiet before the storm. Because of the fear of Zhu Hongtao revenge himself, Li Dong even Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long stay around in case. Fight the snake does not die but suffer from it this truth Li Dong understand very well, Zhu Hongtao although not on stage, but stay is really a scourge. In mid-May, Li Dong took Sun Tao together to visit a mysterious figure. On the way to go, Sun Tao look puzzled: "Hu Sicheng just Yaohai District hanging deputy district governor, the management or science, education, culture and health, find him useful?" Li Dong did not speak, his mind was still recalling Hu Sicheng's biography. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. But has been low-key Hu Sicheng as if forgotten, three years hanging period also no one mentioned, now still hanging deputy district chief, in Yaohai District Hu Sicheng seems to have become a transparent person. Even if it is not Li Dong mentioned, Sun Tao simply do not know that there is such a deputy district governor of Yaohai District. Of course, this is the current Hu Sicheng. After the rise of Hu Sicheng how Li Dong is not clear, when he was still a student, he will not pay attention to these official news. The only thing Li Dong knows is that when he graduated in 2008, the University of Agriculture invited city and district leaders to observe the ceremony, Hu Sicheng was one of them. At that time, Hu Sicheng was the district governor, and also spoke on behalf of the district at the graduation ceremony. In just three years, Hu Sicheng from a hanging deputy district governor triple jump has been sitting on the district governor's throne. To say that Hu Sicheng just luck, killed Li Dong will not believe. Officialdom like a battlefield, Hu Sicheng if no ability no background, how could rise in just three years. Originally, Li Dong did not expect Hu Sicheng, after all, he could not beg Hu Sicheng head. But this time messed with Zhu Hongtao this hobgoblin, plus some scruples about the person behind Zhu Hongtao, Li Dong had to carefully study the leadership team of Yaohai District. The name of Hu Sicheng was found by chance, and Li Dong thought for a long time before linking the depressed deputy mayor to the spirited mayor three years later. …… Hu Sicheng, although hanging out in Yaohai District, nevertheless still lives in the Jiangda Teachers' Building. When Li Dong knocked on the door, it was Hu Sicheng himself who opened the door. Open the door and found that it was a stranger unknown, Hu Sicheng held up his glasses, some doubts, "Who are you looking for?" Nowadays, Hu Sicheng is at the lowest point of his life, in the district as nothing, in the school was also abolished the position of vice president, for a long time he was in an embarrassing situation where no one asked for. No one has come to him for a long time, and even ordinary officials after work the necessary meal he did not. After all, it is still because of the word "hanging", hanging means Hu Sicheng can not stay in Yaohai District for a long time, naturally no one will go back to teach the deputy district governor. This is the first time Li Dong saw Hu Sicheng, in his previous life, because the distance is far, see not too clear. The first feeling of Li Dong is elegance. Too late to think about it, Li Dong hurriedly piled on a smile and said, "Hello, my name is Li Dong, the School of Economics and Management 04 international trade students."