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Chapter 114 - Burning a cold stove

  Li Dong's dad is not named Li Gang, Hu Sicheng naturally will not know. Of course, Hu Sicheng's purpose is not to know who Li Dong's dad is either. Li Dong briefly introduced his entrepreneurial history, and Hu Sicheng was immediately impressed by this student who had just turned 20. Starting from nothing, single-handedly, in just one year, creating a fortune of tens of millions! This is if not personally heard, Hu Sicheng even thought he was listening to a story. The **s such an inspirational story of starting a business from scratch, entering the twenty-first century, can be compared to Li Dong, not to say that there is no, the entire Pingchuan is not to find a few. Li Dong said these naturally not to boast, just want to make Hu Sicheng on their own more attention. These days, to pull the relationship to talk about feelings, or talk about identity. Feelings Li Dong and Hu Sicheng naturally did not, even if there is Fang Qingfei and Wang Jia, which is also separated by a hundred thousand miles. Since there are no feelings to talk about, it is necessary to reflect their value. A multi-millionaire from nothing, a twenty-year-old rich generation, a chain of stores more than ten corporate bosses, this identity is enough to make Hu Sicheng attention. Only then, the next two people have to talk. Otherwise, a student looking for a deputy district governor to talk, even if the deputy district governor is not important, but also not Li Dong can look up to. After the pleasantries, the next natural is the main topic. Because of the first meeting, some things Li Dong is a passing, and did not talk deeply. Hu Sicheng can do the vice president, and did a few years deputy district governor, naturally is not a fool. The words know the voice, Li Dong's words mean one thing - seeking cover! Although Li Dong did not explicitly say, but Hu Sicheng heard it. This point is somewhat out of his expectations, to be honest, he is now in the district is a set up, a marginal can not be marginal deputy mayor, even some of the real power department director can not compare. This time Li Dong wants to defect to him, which in the eyes of outsiders is really incomprehensible. Hu Sicheng is pondering Li Dong's deeper meaning, or rather, in search of Li Dong is not heard of any news. After thinking about it, Hu Sicheng tried to say, "Little Li, you probably don't know, my hanging time is up, and I may go back to school in the second half of the year." Li Dong said with an indifferent face: "If the teacher really came back that's good, then I follow the glory, failing the subject are not afraid." Hu Sicheng froze for a moment, and then laughed: "You kid, do I go back to school so that you do not fail?" Both people are laughing, but did not continue the conversation just now. We are not stupid, there are some things in the heart to understand. As for the teacher-student love, this is bullshit, not to mention Hu Sicheng did not teach Li Dong, even if he did, at this time there is no talk about what teacher-student feelings. The first conversation, just show the attitude. Li Dong did not say anything more, and Hu Sicheng polite a few sentences, this is and Sun Tao together to say goodbye. …… out of Hu Sicheng's house, Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long quickly followed. Zhou Haidong looked around with a wary face and whispered, "Mr. Li, there is no abnormality outside." Li Dong some crying and laughing, these two guys are not addicted to acting? Zhu Hongtao is a gangster, not an assassin, Li Dong to find them to prevent being surrounded by people, not to prevent assassination, there is a need to be so nervous. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. Lazy to say them, Li Dong turned to Sun Tao said: "Turn around and send some shopping coupons to District Governor Hu." Sun Tao nodded, knowing that Li Dong was ready to burn a cold stove. As for why not send money, as long as Li Dong and Sun Tao are not stupid, now certainly will not do such a thing. Just meet the first face to send money to Hu Sicheng, not to say that Hu Sicheng has no such heart, even if there is, I'm afraid there is no such guts to.