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Chapter 115 - Buying a car

  The next day, Li Dong missed school again. This time it was not because of business matters, but Li Dong was going to buy a car. Yesterday, Fang Qingfei's words reminded Li Dong that he now needs a car, and it has to be a good car, a very urgent kind! Buy a car is not for convenience, Li Dong's purpose is only one - to play hard to get! Yes, just to use to play hard to get, or rather to support the scene. Soon to enter the second half of May, Li Dong is ready to go to the capital in the next few days to talk to the senior management of Baidu stock matters, very need a car that can set off his identity to decorate the facade. Today's society is the face of the society, the face does not mean how handsome you look, but how much money you have. This money is not carrying a few large pockets of cash can be displayed, the car and house is the best external expression. The house is generally invisible to people, that can only be expressed by the car. Society is so superficial, you say you deposit hundreds of millions of billions, others do not believe, and will not ask. They care only about the superficial things, you a worth of billions of billions of bosses open a Chery, unless you are so famous that the whole country knows you, or no one will take you seriously. As for Li Dong, not handsome to earth-shattering, fame is not big enough to be known nationwide. If the facade is not well-decorated, let alone buy stocks, can not see Baidu senior is a problem. …… early in the morning, Li Dong went to the car market. Heard that Li Dong is ready to buy a car, Sun Tao than Li Dong are excited, dead or alive to follow along. Li Dong does not buy a car has always been a thorn in the eye of the senior management of the far side, the old boss walking, they drive, even if they drive their own car, the heart is always uncomfortable. Now Li Dong to buy a car, Sun Tao can't wait to introduce all the luxury cars in one breath. On the way, Sun Tao's mouth did not stop, "Mr. Li, if I say buy it, buy a unique, I have not seen a Maybach in Pingchuan for so long, buy a Maybach is good ……" "Mr. Li, in fact, Bentley is also quite good. Now the rich people like to drive Bentley." "Mr. Li, Porsche is also fine, but some are not dignified enough ……" "Mr. Li, if possible, Rolls Royce would be better …… "Li Dong was annoyed by his noise, for the first time found that the original Sun Tao is also a chatterbox. Really impatient Sun Tao chatter, Li Dong had to interrupt: "I want the current car, the current car do you understand, you say these can now pick up the car?" Sun Tao immediately shut up, these cars in Beijing and Shanghai, these metropolitan cities may have existing cars, but in Pingchuan or don't think about it. Even if there is, it is also predetermined by others. The car market in Pingchuan is no different from the countryside than those metropolitan cities in Beijing and Shanghai. Li Dong wants a car, or can support the face of the current car, there are really very few choices. After a moment's pause, Sun Tao began to suggest: "How about we go to the capital to buy?" Some cars can not be bought in Pingchuan, but to the capital, as long as you are willing to spend money, any car can get you. Li Dong said: "I pick a car that can pass, really want to buy a Maybach Rolls Royce, do you help me pay?" Li Dong's budget is within one or two million cars can be, as for those easily hundreds of millions or forget. He now has urgent use of money, if not to keep people from underestimating, a couple of million cars Li Dong are too expensive. "Mr. Li, the account is not so calculated. The place where we should save naturally to save, should not save the place can not save." Sun Tao said this sentence is obviously if there is a reference. What should be saved, is naturally Li Dong ready to take to speculate in the stock of 50 million, this 50 million in Sun Tao's view whether to open branches or buy stores are more cost-effective than speculation. Buy a car should not save? Of course not to save! Not his eyes shallow must urge Li Dong to buy a good car, but the car represents the face. Ten million cars and a million cars can be the same? 10 million to drive is not a car, is the identity and status, but also fame. The boss of Far Eastern is driving a 10 million luxury car, which is not only a face, but also a symbol of strength. Suppliers will trust Yuanfang more, partners will pay more attention to Yuanfang, and the high society in Pingchuan will also accept Yuanfang. This is just one of them, but more importantly, luxury cars are also a way of self-protection. Just like the last conflict in the Global Building, if Zhu Hongtao saw that Li Dong was driving a Rolls Royce or a Maybach, he would still dare not to take Li Dong seriously?