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Chapter 116 - You are not polite a few words?

  Bought a car, but also let Li Dong a matter of the heart. Have a house and a car, in the eyes of ordinary people this should be considered a success. Li Dong is undoubtedly successful, especially when Meng Qiping saw Li Dong drive the big Ben, his eyes are almost out. "This is the legendary Mercedes, huh?" Meng Qiping's eyes were all aglow, circling around the car. Li Dong skewed his mouth, but also the legendary Mercedes, have the intention to find, the street a lot of. This is not his intention to show off, it really just happened to run into it. Meng Qiping this kid usually rarely come to Wanyuan to find Li Dong, today somehow ran to Wanyuan. Previously, Li Dong rented a house back, Meng Qiping this guy does not know the way, when Li Dong just good license plate back, by the way to pick him up together with the new house side. As a result, this guy is like a madman, Li Dong asked him not to answer, on a circle around the car. Seeing that there are people around want to come around to see the fun, Li Dong dragged him into the car. While starting the car, Li Dong asked: "Why didn't you call me in advance? Looking for me something?" Meng Qiping is not answering, still fascinated by stroking the car's leather seats. Li Dong looked disgusted, this guy can not show that look of lust. Reaching out to slap away Meng Qiping's claws ready to touch the steering wheel, Li Dong warned, "Don't blame me if you get into a car accident!" Meng Qiping smiled foolishly and said with a thirsty face, "Brother Dong, can you lend me a ride?" "Do you have a driver's license?" Li Dong asked. Meng Qiping shriveled up and said with a dry smile, "It's okay if I don't have a license, I've learned, I should be able to drive." Li Dong looked at him like an idiot, you make your own death is fine, but do not drag on me. Seeing Li Dong's expression, Meng Qiping knew his dream of driving was shattered. Sighing, the guy turned his head and asked, "Brother Dong, how much is this car?" "More than a million." "More than a million!" Meng Qiping's face is full of grief, the authentic tycoon ah. More than one million, he could not buy a car wheel even if he sold the package, think about it is really a loss of heart. Meng Qiping some lost: "Had I known you were so rich, then in the dormitory, I dedicated to warming your bed." "By the way, Brother Dong, are you still short of bed-warmers?" "Get lost!" Li Dong scolded in a good-natured way, looking for you to warm the bed, I'm afraid that overnight meal are vomited. Lazy to talk to him, Li Dong asked again: "not said what you want me to do?" "Don't want to talk about it." Meng Qiping slumped in his seat, a look of unlovable. Li Dong also no longer ask, love to say not to say, anyway, this guy sooner or later can not hold it will say. …… waited until Li Dong's new home, Meng Qiping was once again struck. He found his previous understanding of Dong is just the tip of the iceberg, this guy is a bit too much. Still in college, this guy is a car and a house, let others live. With a touch of envy on his face, Meng Qiping asked, "Brother Dong, don't tell me this house is also bought by you?" Li Dong did not pay attention to him, took out a new pair of slippers to him to change, while asking, "Tea or drink?" "I want to drink a big red robe, have you!" Li Dong just pretended not to hear, casually took a bottle of green tea from the refrigerator and threw it to him. The two of them sat down on the sofa, Meng Qiping could not wait to stuff himself all into the sofa, for a long time before he said with a relieved face: "This day is simply not a human life ah!"