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Chapter 117 - Wu Jianguo

  Whether it is Zhu Hongtao or not, there is no big mistake in being careful. This nail should be pulled out before it's too late, Li Dong does not want to capsize in the gutter one day. Li Dong is not prepared to wait for Hu Sicheng, not to mention when Hu Sicheng can rise to the top, even if it goes up, Hu Sicheng is not necessarily for their heads. After thinking about it, Li Dong dialed a few calls. …… the next day, Li Dong finally met the boss of the Yaohai Branch Wu Jianguo. Wu Jianguo is in his early fifties, tall and sturdy, walking is also a dragon walk. Seeing Li Dong's tender face, Wu Jianguo did not take it seriously and laughed loudly to Chen Pinghe next to him, "Old Chen, I'm not late, am I?" Although Chen Pinghe is the director of industry and commerce, on the level of Wu Jianguo, but in front of Wu Jianguo is not hard up. Although Wu Jianguo has come late, but Chen Pinghe still smiled and said, "Not late, not late, just right, old Wu let's sit down and talk." When Wu Jianguo sat down, Chen Pinghe introduced Li Dong with a smile, "Old Wu, this is the chairman of the board of directors of Yuanfang, Li Dong." Li Dong hurriedly got up and extended his hand, "Wu Bureau, how are you?" Wu Jianguo's heart stared, but his face did not move, and after shaking hands with Li Dong, he said with a smile, "Li is young and promising, seeing Li, I feel old." Li Dong complimented: "Wu Bureau is the time of great development, where old." Wu Jianguo smiled and did not say anything, nor did he continue to chat with Li Dong about anything. After getting to know each other, several people did not talk about other things, the table is mainly Chen Pinghe and Wu Jianguo chat. Li Dong listened on the sidelines, sometimes getting up to help pour wine. After a meal of about an hour or so, Chen Pinghe said, "I'm going to the bathroom first." Wu Jianguo knew what he meant and nodded without saying anything. As soon as Chen Pinghe left, Wu Jianguo said lightly, "Mr. Li, I'm a rough guy, so I'll say something straight." Li Dong quickly laughed: "Wu Bureau has something to say, just say it." "Doing business is doing business, there is no point in getting into all that nonsense!" Wu Jianguo finished seeing Li Dong ready to speak, reached out and interrupted Li Dong. Then he said, "I am also in my early fifties, and I do not want to continue to climb up, I want to quietly stay in Yaohai to die. You guys do business well, good for you and good for me is good, all day long, I do not feel happy." Li Dong frowned, is this a knock on their own? Speaking of which, this matter is Zhu Hongtao looking for trouble, and their own police are useless, to say Wu Jianguo do not know the inside story is also impossible. To these officials who just admit to curry favor is not the way to go, since Wu Jianguo talk is not polite, Li Dong is not guilty of bowing down. Not waiting for Wu Jianguo to continue to knock, Li Dong said with a smile: "Wu Bureau has a point. Doing business naturally want to make money with peace, but sometimes rabbits bite when they are anxious, I have no choice." Wu Jianguo heart a moment of displeasure, this is a threat? Not waiting for his voice, Li Dong said: "Speaking of which, I really don't have much time to tussle with those punks. I don't have enough time to make money, so I don't need to bother with those punks. Yaohai I also only this one branch, really shut down just shut down, the loss of a few million I can still afford." Wu Jianguo was stunned and subconsciously said, "Isn't this the only supermarket in Yuanfang?" After asking Wu Jianguo knew he was probably out of his mind this time. Sure enough, Li Dong laughed: "Of course it's not just this one, the Yuanfang Supermarket now has more than 30 stores by the end of the year, plus the ones under construction. Next year, Yuanfang's plan is to open a hundred stores, Yaohai side really can not I am ready to temporarily give up, a step back to the sea, Wu Bureau, do you think this is the reason?" Wu Jianguo frowned for a while, one store and one hundred stores are naturally different. The company is not going to open a hundred stores, but the thirty stores that Li Dong said in front of him should not be false, which he will be able to find out when he goes back. Originally prepared to knock knock knock Li Dong, now Wu Jianguo but some difficult. Zhu Hongtao is nothing, is to give him blood a dog, for Zhu Hongtao, to the death offend Li Dong is necessary? Li Dong can make the business so big, to say that a little background is not, Wu Jianguo do not believe. And people also said the understanding, big deal to close the Yaohai branch.