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Chapter 118: People are not ruthless and do not ga

  Chapter 118 people are not ruthless not based and Wu Jianguo reached an agreement, Li Dong did not have time to clean up Zhu Hongtao, the far side of the accident. The accident is Sun Tao. When Sun Tao went home at night, he was ambushed at the entrance of the building. When sent to the hospital, diagnosed as left and right two calf fractures, broken ribs in front of the chest two. When Li Dong arrived at the hospital, looking at Sun Tao hanging two legs lying on the hospital bed, his face gloomy can drip water. "Zhu's dry?" Sun Tao did not speak, forcing the pain: "Have a cigarette? Give me one." Li Dong frowned, "You have broken ribs, or do not smoke." "Pain relief, have one." Li Dong did not say more, handed a cigarette over. Sun Tao lit a cigarette and took a drag, feeling less pain in the chest, then said: "Forget it, the surname Zhu should be out of the gas also out, no need to continue." "Then eat this loss?" Li Dong heart fire straight up, not against Sun Tao, but Zhu Hongtao that bastard. Now he is sure to go to the school to ask their situation is certainly Zhu Hongtao, that guy this time to stop is certainly to deal with himself. Probably let Zhu Hongtao did not expect is Li Dong has been very careful, the school also no one knows where they live. In addition, these days Zhou Haidong they have been following, Zhu Hongtao want to strike have no opportunity. Since we can't find Li Dong, then Sun Tao naturally became a scapegoat, Sun Tao is suffering for himself, Li Dong naturally will not give up. What's more, he just spent 200,000 to take care of Wu Jianguo, this time say forget it, 200,000 is not spent in vain. Sun Tao saw Li Dong's appearance and knew he was not prepared to be kind, and said, "It is not possible to say whether it is Zhu's doing, maybe it is someone else." Far side of this year's rapid expansion, offended a few people, peer envy is not impossible. Said so, Sun Tao heart but identified ten ** is Zhu Hongtao. Last night, the three people who beat him up really hard, if not for the timely arrival of community security, killing him is possible. Peers do not have such black hands, also Zhu Hongtao such a gangster without scruples. However, Sun Tao did not want to say out, more than one thing is better than less, anyway, the loss has been eaten, and then entangled in trouble is not good more. Li Dong did not say anything, and asked: "What did the police say?" "Old neighborhood, no monitoring, plus it was dark, I did not see their appearance, probably can not find out." Li Dong cursed, but it is useless to find Wu Jianguo. Even if he knows that Zhu Hongtao did, but no evidence, Wu Jianguo will not make a deadly effort to help him investigate. To say it, Wu Jianguo is afraid that he would rather not see the net, do not work to receive money more cool. As for Li Dong side how to find the field, Wu Jianguo probably will not care, anyway, both ends of the money, as long as not the daylight armed fighting, other small things he can suppress. The fire in the heart is very strong, Li Dong would like to make a phone call to question Wu Jianguo. But that old thing at most a few perfunctory words, want him to contribute, this guy is certainly not willing. A long breath, Li Dong thought about it but gave Wang Jia a phone call. Once the phone was connected, it was Fang Qingfei's voice that came through. Li Dong frowned slightly and asked, "Where is Wang Jia?" Fang Qingfei's voice seemed a bit tired, this time also did not and Li Dong top, directly said: "Jia Jia had an accident, five stitches on the head, in my rest here." "When did it happen?" "Yesterday, Jia Jia went back when ……" Fang Qingfei briefly said the process, Wang Jia is back to Wanyuan when the accident. The two men wearing hoods, see Wang Jia directly dragged her hair to go out, but the security of Wanyuan is quite powerful, a dozen security guards with rubber sticks saw the monitoring rushed over, the two men were directly scared away. Wang Jia did not suffer too much injury, but dragging the process of scalp tears a mouth, the school hospital stitches five stitches and was picked up by Fang Qingfei. Hang up the phone, Li Dong ruthlessly hammered on the locker! I knew this bastard Zhu Hongtao would not let things go, and he was right. Originally Li Dong is also prepared to strike first, did not expect to just take care of Wu Jianguo, Zhu Hongtao on the start. And this guy is really dark, it looks like not a beating even after, this is to the rhythm of the whole death. Li Dong can guarantee that if he is not prepared, it is not good that Zhu Hongtao really dare to kill himself.