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Chapter 119 - Red House Intermediary

  In late May, Li Dong once again set foot on the territory of the capital. The same trip also Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long, Cao Hongbing stayed in Pingchuan, Tan Yong …… Tan Yong is in detention. Just a day before Li Dong came to the capital, Pingchuan out of a vicious injury case. Zhu Hongtao, the boss of Dalong Investment, was seriously injured in the process of directing his men to demolish the house by the Tan tenants who refused to move. The injury is very serious, this is not the point, the point is Zhu Hongtao fell on a raised stone, the back of the head suffered a heavy blow, this life may not wake up. As for the stone in the end is already here, or someone deliberately put over, the police did not say, and no one cares. Li Dong actually do not know whether the stone is a coincidence or Tan Yong put, he did not ask, and did not have the opportunity to ask. Tan Yong went to turn himself in after the injury, Li Dong has not seen him. Before leaving Li Dong called Wu Jianguo, because Tan Yong is his employee, so in the spirit of humanitarianism, Li Dong is willing to hire a lawyer for Tan Yong, the best lawyer! I believe Wu Jianguo should understand Li Dong's meaning, Zhu Hongtao is still unconscious, and may even become a vegetable. Now Zhu Hongtao is nothing to Wu Jianguo, while Li Dong is the newly promoted big money, I believe Wu Jianguo will know how to choose. Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long said nothing, although they were curious as to why Tan Yong would have an extra house in the city that was about to be demolished. …… Ancient Red House, a native of the capital. Gu Honglou opened a small agency in the capital, but his agency neither sells houses nor finds jobs for people. His main job is to help people pull the strings, or to act as a middleman. When Gu Honglou saw a big car driving in front of the door, he knew business was coming. Li Dong got out of the car was dazzling sunlight stabbed a little, the end of May in the capital is hot, seems to be quite a bit hotter than Pingchuan. Wearing a suit, Li Dong felt a little uncomfortable, his body seems to be sweating. Pushing the door into the company called Red House Agency, Li Dong saw the long and Maitreya Buddha-like Gu Hong Lou. "Mr. Gu?" "Yes, I am Gu Honglou, and you are?" Gu Honglou even ask questions with a smile, smile very sincere kind. "Li Dong, introduced by Niu Bohe of Pingchuan!" Li Dong smiled and extended his hand. Gu Honglu hastily shook hands with Li Dong, while laughing: "So it's Mr. Li, I've been waiting for you! Old Niu is also really, Mr. Li is here he did not say hello to me." "Mr. Li, have a seat!" Calling Li Dong to sit down, Gu Honglou looked at Zhou Haidong and said with a smile, "The two of you also sit!" Zhou Haidong two people did not pay attention to him, still standing behind Li Dong. Although the two are not professional bodyguard origin, but also many years of veterans, the order can still be done. Seeing this, Gu Honglou said no more and smiled at Li Dong, "Mr. Li is here to meet with the top management of Baidu?" Li Dong nodded and asked, "Is it difficult?" Gu Honglou hurriedly shook his head, joke, just a meeting, if this is difficult, he still do business. But some things have to be clear in advance, Gu Honglu and said: "I do not know who Mr. Li specifically want to see? I'm afraid that Baidu's Li Yanhong is a little difficult ……" "In addition to Li Yanhong, everyone else can." Li Dong said so, Gu Honglu more at ease, smiling and said, "I take the liberty to ask, I wonder what Mr. Li wants to talk to them when they meet?" "I want to acquire the Baidu shares in their hands!" There is no need to hide this matter from the middleman, because when the time comes, the middleman will help facilitate, if not clear beforehand, Li Dong afraid of accidents. After listening to Li Dong's purpose, Gu Honglou was blushing with difficulty.