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Chapter 120 - The world is too small

  Recommended reading: In Li Dong's eyes, the capital at the foot of the Son of Heaven is peaceful. But when a few people inadvertently into a small hutong, Li Dong understood that no matter what place there is always something you can not see. In the small alley, three colorful non-mainstream is surrounded by a man beating. The man held his head in his hands and cowered on the ground, allowing several people to beat and scold without saying a word. A green-haired non-mainstream is still shouting: "How dare you resist! Believe me, I'll kill you!" After glancing at Li Dong a few people barged in, several non-mainstream eyes show a touch of panic. The green-haired non-mainstream also stopped shouting, kicked the man on the ground fiercely, turned around and ran away wildly with the other two. Zhou Haidong glanced at Li Dong, who shook his head slightly. The capital is unfamiliar, there is no need to cause trouble. Just ready to go forward to help the fallen man, but saw the other party slowly climb up. The man looked a little wretched, his face was bruised and purple, and his nose was still bleeding from the nose. Seeing Li Dong over, the man said in a muffled voice: "Thank you." "You're welcome, want to call the police?" The man shook his head, wiped the nosebleed muffled: "Forget it, a few small gangsters, even if caught in, and then released more trouble." This is also the idea of most people in the country, one more thing is better than less. Even if these punks are caught, generally not much time off. If you are retaliated back, it may be more trouble, these guys stupidity up, the hands can not be a measure. Li Dong did not advise, everyone has their own way of survival, there is no right or wrong. Look at each other's appearance is only superficial injuries, Li Dong is ready to leave. Just when Li Dong was ready to go, the man wiped clean nosebleed, looked up at Li Dong. The dim hutong, Li Dong also saw the man's appearance, and then said in surprise: "Lin Yang?" …… people's life, there are always a few friends. The first two lifetimes, the people who can be called Li Dong's friends are very few. Lin Yang should be able to count one, in terms of Li Dong also have to call him a master. In his previous life, Li Dong did sales after graduating from college, and brought Li Dong into the business is Lin Yang, Lin Yang also helped Li Dong. But Li Dong did not expect that he would meet Lin Yang in the capital. The moment he recognized Lin Yang, Li Dong could only lament that the world was too small and that life was not everywhere. Li Dong knew Lin Yang, but Lin Yang did not know Li Dong. Seeing the strange youth in front of him call out his name, Lin Yang was still a little confused and asked, "You know me?" Li Dong nodded, but did not explain. Since he was a friend, he couldn't just let it go. Li Dong Dong: "Go to the hospital to see, those people do not have a measure of hands, hit the internal injuries will be trouble." Lin Yang shook his head, a little embarrassed, "You are?" "Li Dong!" Seeing that Lin Yang still looked confused, Li Dong smiled and joked, "I'm your junior high school classmate, you don't know me?" "Oh! I remember now, Li Dong, I didn't expect to run into each other here, what a coincidence!" Lin Yang showed a look of dawning realization. Li Dong almost sprayed, it's hard to believe that you really have a classmate named Li Dong? But he knew this was definitely impossible, looking at Lin Yang's look he knew this guy was pretending. This is a problem that many people are guilty of, obviously do not know each other, but the other party knows himself, in order to avoid mutual embarrassment, can only pretend to look like I finally remember who you are!