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Chapter 121 - What a Coincidence!

  Lin Yang does not, Li Dong is also not good to ask again. When Lin Yang changed his clothes, the two talked about other things, Li Dong looked at the sky and said, "Let's have dinner together tonight." Lin Yang hurriedly shook his head and laughed: "Today trouble old classmates, or I treat you." Not waiting for Li Dong to refuse, Lin Yang said: "I definitely can't afford a five-star restaurant, if you don't mind, how about we go to a big stall to eat barbecue and drink beer?" Lin Yang is so, Li Dong naturally not good to refuse. Seeing Li Dong head, Lin Yang also invited Zhou Haidong two people to go together. Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long hastily refused, Li Dong also wanted to have a separate session with Lin Yang, said, "Or forget it, they will have something later, next time there is an opportunity to invite." Lin Yang did not force himself, and was relieved in his heart. It's not that he wasn't enthusiastic, but he was shy. When leaving home with two hundred dollars, two people for a meal is almost enough, four people really can not hold up. As for getting money, the bank card is still in the girlfriend, the two hundred is his week's expenses. …… Lin Yang is quite familiar with the capital, left and right turn to lead Li Dong to a noisy street. The two sides of the street are open stalls, or is the food stall. Found a relatively clean-looking, the two sat down. When the food Lin Yang really some trepidation, afraid that Li Dong's dishes exceeded the money in his pocket. The good thing is that Li Dong on a grilled fish a snail did not ask, calculate the price, Lin Yang and some skewers, a case of beer. A total of about 150 yuan, Lin Yang was relieved, it seems that later do not have to lose face. Old classmates eating of course to catch up, just sit down Lin Yang and Li Dong talked about junior high school life. Especially to the junior high school female classmates, Lin Yang is more frothy, "old classmates, still remember Xie Mengya? It's really a big change ah, when a mouthful of steel teeth look at my teeth hurt, and guess what ……" "Last year I went back home to see, simply beautiful without reason!" Li Dong: "……" "Fat Kai still remember? Is the class was the teacher scolded the most of the fat kid, the teacher are he did not make a difference, but how, people are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!" Li Dong: "……" "Class flower Qi Yue you always remember, right? Married, husband is a civil servant, are forty years old, the old cow eat young grass ah!" Li Dong: "……" Li Dong cried and laughed, he did not know now if he told Lin Yang that he was not his classmate, Lin Yang will not cut him to death. Not daring to continue with Lin Yang, Li Dong hurriedly interrupted: "Drink, drink up and let's talk slowly." "Old classmate, you still understand me!" Lin Yang laughingly drank it all, and enthusiastically pulled Li Dong to drink together. Li Dong wanted to ask him several times what he was doing in the capital now and why he was beaten up. But Lin Yang did not give him a chance, either to persuade him to drink, or to change the subject. Several times, Li Dong also did not ask, knowing that there should be unspeakable secrets. The wine is full, when the check Li Dong to pay, Lin Yang dead reluctant, must go to the check. Li Dong saw the situation did not more, just sighed. Lin Yang treats when he saw the look of the heart, which is very different from the Lin Yang he knew at the time. When Li Dong knew him, at that time, Lin Yang was very ambitious, open and atmospheric, and now very different. Ultimately, money is the courage, no money everything rest. Today's Lin Yang poor, not a few years later the company's ace sales.