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Chapter 122: Pretending to be struck by lightning

  Do not want to return to do not want, finally Li Dong still reported the room number. A few people chatted for a while, Lin Yang this guy from beginning to end are complaining, said you live in five-star, he will have to go back to the slums later, too inhumane! Hu Yue probably really can not stand it, and finally said: "VERSACE! Pretentiousness is struck by lightning, do you understand!" Lin Yang was confused, what do you mean? And he soared English, do not know that he is an elementary school student? Just want to ask an understanding, Hu Yue's phone rang. After answering the phone and saying a few words, Hu Yue hurriedly said, "Talk to you later, my boss is here, I'm going out to pick her up!" When Hu Yue trotted away, Lin Yang scratched his head and said, "Li Dong, what did Hu Yue mean by that English sentence just now?" Li Dong gave a dry laugh and said perfunctorily, "He said you are handsome, don't pretend if you are handsome." "Is that so?" Lin Yang was full of doubts and felt that something was wrong, but could not say which was wrong. Li Dong was afraid that Hu Yue would come back later and poke him, and hastily pulled Lin Yang upstairs. The room Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long are watching TV, saw Li Dong enter the door hurriedly get up, Li Dong reached out and pressed. Lin Yang's clothes have been washed and dried, changed clothes Lin Yang then said, "Old classmates, the time is not early, then I go back first." "Okay, let's contact more later." Li Dong also did not say nonsense, although want to take care of Lin Yang, but now Lin Yang must stay in the capital, he is also the whip. Anyway, according to the course of history, Lin Yang will either return to Pingchuan this year or next year, so it's the same to take care of him then. This is the first real friend he has met since his rebirth, and Li Dong doesn't want him to live a life of too much hardship. …… Lin Yang met Hu Yue again when he went downstairs. But at this time Hu Yue is not alone, there is a mature woman in her thirties in front. Seeing Lin Yang, Hu Yue and the mature woman whispered a word, and saw Hu Yue's boss nodded gently and left first. Once the boss left, Hu Yue breathed a sigh of relief. After looking at Lin Yang again, Hu Yue said in a good mood, "It's really enough, say you pretend, then you turn around and take off your vest, do you think I don't know you after changing your vest?" Lin Yang's head shows a big cross, what does it mean? Although the words spoken are human, but why the combination together they can not understand. Hu Yue could not see Lin Yang's expression, exasperated: "Lin Yang, are you looking down on people, and no one asked you to do something, change clothes for what!" Lin Yang finally understood! It turned out that it was the clothes that caused the trouble, Lin Yang is not stupid, and immediately realized that just now Li Dong must have been lying to him. Seeing that Hu Yue seemed to be a bit angry, Lin Yang hurriedly explained: "The clothes are not mine, this set on me is mine. The clothes just now were lent to me by Li Dong, is there something wrong with them?" "By the way, what did you mean by V-what was it?" Hu Yue looked him up and down for a moment and felt that Lin Yang did not look like he was telling a lie. Despite her doubts, Hu Yue did not say anything, but explained, "Versace, do you understand?" "Fan Sizhe!" Lin Yang is not an idiot, how could he not know this brand. It took a long time before he said quietly, "Could it be a fake?" Hu Yue was a little surprised by his reaction, but his mouth was not good: "How can it be fake, I do not have the money to buy, but not less to see." "Can I ask, about how much it can be worth?" "Not sure, but ten or twenty thousand should have it." Hu Yue casually returned. Lin Yang was bitter, full of pain and chagrin. "What's wrong?"