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Chapter 123 - Looking for someone

  Recommended reading: "Xu Yong?" "Yes, that's him, one of the founders of Baidu, but has left at the end of last year." Li Dong recalled a moment, vaguely remembered that there seems to be such a person. "Then where is he now?" Gu Honglou said helplessly: "I really don't know this. After leaving Baidu Xu Yong disappeared, some said he went to the United States, some said he remained in the capital, the gossip is quite a lot, but the specific situation is still unclear." Li Dong frowned slightly, which allows them to find how? Not to mention that went to the United States, even if Xu Yong is still in the capital, the capital's tens of millions of people, it is a needle in a haystack. Gu Honglu is also helpless, he is an intermediary, not a detective. But Gu Honglu still suggested: "If possible, Mr. Li can find the public security or immigration side to check the record, or find a private detective can also." "Find Xu Yong and you can buy the shares?" Li Dong asked another question. Looking for people can naturally, the intention to find a person, but also considered not too small celebrities, willing to spend money in eight out of ten can be found. But if he spent money to find someone, and people do not sell shares, it will be a big loss. "I can't guarantee this." The ancient red building hastily set aside, if find someone can buy shares, he will not give up Li Dong this business. It was because he did not have confidence in Li Dong's deal that Gu Honglou simply gave up looking for Xu Yong. After all, to find someone is also to spend favors and money, when the business does not work, he will not be backed up. Although hope is slim, but Gu Honglou still comforted: "The possibility is still there, I heard that he sold a part of his shares before leaving, and also sold a small amount of shares after leaving." Li Dong slightly pondered, no matter what, always try something. Can not see the person has not yet, they will give up, then the preliminary preparatory work is not all wasted. Besides, since Xu Yong was willing to sell his shares before, if the price is right, it does not necessarily mean that he will not sell. After a few more words with Gu Honglu, Li Dong hung up the phone. Hang up the phone, Li Dong fell into a deep thought, how to find Xu Yong? In the capital he was in the dark, hardly knew anyone who could make the force. It takes time to ask for connections, and what he lacks now is time. After thinking for a while, Li Dong finally decided to find a private detective. Dealing with private detectives as long as the money on the line, sometimes these guys are more efficient than the police are cattle. However, more scammers in this line of work, cheating money Li Dong does not care, the key is to delay time. Intention to call the ancient red building this local snake to introduce themselves to one or two, but look at the time is not early, Li Dong also did not mean to continue to harass others. …… the next day, Li Dong got up early. When out of the bedroom, Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long are exercising. See the two sweaty appearance, should not be a short time. Seeing Li Dong come out, Zhou Haidong hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, I've brought up the breakfast for you." Li Dong nodded, took a bun and ate it. After eating breakfast, looking at the time, Li Dong called Gu Honglou again and asked about the private detective. The matter of a favor, Gu Honglou did not pretend, directly to Li Dong recommended two more reliable detective companies. Simply cleaned up, Li Dong took Zhou Haidong two out of the room. Coincidentally, downstairs when Li Dong met Hu Yue in the hall again. Hu Yue is accompanying a mature woman in her thirties to talk, see Li Dong, Hu Yue nodded towards Li Dong and smiled without saying anything. Li Dong knew that the mature woman should be Hu Yue's boss, and did not exchange pleasantries, smiled in response and walked outside.