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Chapter 124 My relative's name is Lao Lin

  Life is not as good as it should be **. Li Dong, who came to give Qin Yu Han a surprise, did not see Qin Yu Han. Hanging up the phone, Li Dong was full of melancholy. Seeing this, Zhou Haidong asked, "Mr. Li, is everything okay?" Li Dong waved his hand, opened the car window, lit a cigarette and slowly smoked it. These days may be a bad year, Baidu's things are not going well, even see a daughter-in-law is not smooth. Beijing University is a bully, the second semester of freshman year to go to the field internship for a month, but no one has informed Li Dong a! Well, Li Dong knows that this is impossible, the University of Beijing has any arrangements do not have to consider his opinion. But you can not be so coincidental, it just happens to be today out of the internship! Some depression, after smoking a cigarette Li Dong only said, "Go back." Zhou Haidong saw the situation did not ask again, slowly start the car towards the hotel. …… waiting days always make people anxious. For two days in a row, Best and Xinhong did not send news, Li Dong mood will be a little impatient. Can not find Xu Yong, that he came to the capital this trip is a complete failure. Spent a lot of money, not to mention the key is a waste of time. Now Sun Tao is still in hospital, there is a large mess of things waiting for Li Dong to deal with, he does not have much time to waste in the capital. If not for the agreed three days, Li Dong really want to go back to Pingchuan immediately and forget. Early in the morning of the third day, the doorbell of the room rang. Li Dong's heart moved, is it the detective company side came? Signed Zhou Haidong to open the door, and when the guests entered the room, Li Dong knew he had misunderstood. The coming is Hu Yue and Lin Yang, I do not know if it is a coincidence to run into, or arranged to come together. In the past two days, Li Dong had also met Hu Yue and her boss several times at the hotel, but they all nodded and passed by without any in-depth communication. Seeing that it was the two of them, Li Dong got up and greeted them, "Sit down, why are you here together today?" After not seeing him for a few days, Lin Yang seemed to have haggard a lot, and his eyes were dark. Sitting down somewhat woodenly, Lin Yang looked at Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long. Li Dong glanced towards Zhou Haidong and them, and the two knew that Li Dong had something to talk about, so they left the room without saying anything. As soon as Zhou Haidong and the others left, Lin Yang couldn't wait to say, "Li Dong, are you really my classmate?" Li Dong smiled and asked rhetorically, "Are you saying I'm really your classmate?" Lin Yang was full of confusion, honestly, he felt that Li Dong was not. But if he wasn't his classmate, he didn't seem to know Li Dong, either. Since they don't know each other, the other party will take a 10 or 20 thousand clothes for themselves to wear, and then broke it without saying anything? Or is it the same as Hu Yue said, this surnamed Li has no good intentions for himself? Thinking of this Lin Yang body goose bumps are up, to be true, then he went back to worship Buddha to do, this is too daddy it! Not to continue to tease Lin Yang, Li Dong explained: "Last time I just casually joke with you, I did not expect you to take it seriously." "Then how do you know me?" Lin Yang was still a bit confused. Li Dong scratched his head a bit, this reason was not really easy to make up. The good thing is that he knows Lin Yang very well, and casually made up another reason: "Your home is in the southern suburbs of Phoenix Bay, a relative of mine also lives there. I've been to my relative's place a few times, and I've seen you a few times, and we played cards together on New Year's Eve, but you probably forget a lot and don't remember me." "Is that so?" Lin Yang felt that this reason is flawless, because what Li Dong said is all right. But also feel some wrong, specifically which is not right he can not say, because they do like to get together to play cards during the New Year, and there are many strangers, which is not Li Dong he really not sure. After thinking about it for half a day, Lin Yang did not bother to confirm the true or false. If you know each other, you know each other, and anyway, he is not a piece of meat. As long as Li Dong does not have thoughts about him, it is good to know a rich man. Thinking of this Lin Yang just want to speak, Hu Yue interjected: "Li Dong, what is the name of your relatives, I also live in that area, see if I know?"