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Chapter 125 First Contact

  Zhonghe Building 28th floor. Once out of the elevator, the words "Yongjin Biopharmaceutical Co. Seeing Li Dong, the receptionist got up and smiled, "Hello, who are you looking for?" "Is your General Manager Xu here?" "Do you have an appointment?" Li Dong Dong: "No, but I'm looking for your General Manager Xu to talk about business." The receptionist didn't say whether Xu Yong was in or not, but smiled and asked, "What is your name, sir?" "My surname is Li." "Mr. Li wait a moment, I will call for you." …… After about a minute or two, the receptionist looked up again and smiled, "Mr. Li, you go to the conference room for a while, Mr. Xu is in a meeting, probably have to wait a while to arrive." Li Dong slightly relieved, finally see the person. If you can't even see the person, it would be embarrassing. Following the receptionist on the way to the conference room, Li Dong observed Xu Yong's company through the glass door. The company's internal office seems to be not many people, but also very quiet, almost nothing moving around. After waiting in the conference room for about four or five minutes, Li Dong finally met Xu Yong. Xu Yong this year just early forties, wearing a black suit, with a faint smile on his face, looks very scholarly style. Seeing Li Dong several people, Xu Yong first quickly observed, then he reached out towards Li Dong and smiled: "Hello, I am Xu Yong." "Hello Mr. Xu, I'm Li Dong from Yuanfang Company." Li Dong shook hands with him. Li Dong did not introduce the two Zhou Haidong, Xu Yong likewise did not introduce the woman in professional attire that followed behind him. After introducing each other, Xu Yong greeted Li Dong and seated several people. Although he did not know Li Dong and did not know what the company was doing, Xu Yong still said with enthusiasm, "Mr. Li, I'm in a meeting, so I'm sorry." Li Dong hurriedly made a few polite remarks. After a few useless polite words, Xu Yong went straight to the point and said, "I wonder if Mr. Li is looking for me?" Li Dong deliberated for a while and felt that it was unnecessary to beat around the bush, so he said directly, "I am here to acquire the shares of Baidu in the hands of Mr. Xu." Xu Yong's face changed slightly, then he smiled and said, "Mr. Li is joking, since Mr. Li has found me, it means that my general situation should be understood by Mr. Li. To be honest, I am not short of money and have no intention to sell my shares." Li Dong knew that the acquisition process must be difficult, but he did not expect Xu Yong to refuse so simply. Seeing that the smile on Xu Yong's face had faded, Li Dong hurriedly said, "Mr. Xu, don't be too busy to refuse first, I came from Pingchuan to the capital from thousands of miles, I am absolutely full of sincerity, we can talk about the price." Xu Yong shook his head and said, "Mr. Li, it's not a matter of money, I won't sell the shares of Baidu." Seeing Xu Yong's resolute words, Li Dong frowned. Not because of Xu Yong, but Li Dong knew that he was reckless. This time he came too impulsively, many things are not clearly understood, too little preparation work. More importantly or Li Dong did not see his own shortcomings, he is actually not suitable for business negotiations. In his previous life, Li Dong was just a salesman, and had not experienced any big scenes, and Xu Yong, the elite who could pull in millions of dollars of investment in the nineties, was too far apart. And Xu Yong does not understand Li Dong at all, meet to negotiate the price, indeed let people look down three points. Only now does Li Dong feel full of the air of a mob, this point is probably also very unpleasant. Heart some regret, should have known to find a negotiation expert to come, or let the ancient red House such intermediaries to accompany themselves over better than their own. Regret is regrettable, it's too late to say this now. See Xu Yong's attitude should not want to talk further, Li Dong is also afraid that the collapse of the conversation is not conducive to the next contact, and Xu Yong pulled a few words of small talk, Li Dong will say goodbye and leave. ……