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Chapter 126 - Shaken

  Money is always the greatest motivation for human beings. Because he saw the hope of success, Gu Honglou was more active than ever. The next morning, Gu Honglou rushed to the hotel and Li Dong rendezvous. See Li Dong's first words is: "Mr. Li, this matter to the old Gu I, to ensure that help you do properly!" Li Dong heart a happy, if there is no certainty, Gu Honglou will not say so. "Then I can count on Mr. Gu!" Li Dong laughed, and did not ask him exactly what he had found out suddenly became so confident. Because Gu Honglou has not yet eaten breakfast, a few people in the hotel after a simple breakfast is ready to go to see Xu Yong again. Not yet out of the hotel door, Li Dong met Hu Yue's boss again, but this time did not see Hu Yue. Seeing Li Dong, the mature woman did not stop, nodded slightly and left, and when she was leaving, she gave a special glance at Gu Honglou. Gu Honglou also looked at her, see Li Dong look over, Gu Honglou smiled: "Some familiar, should have seen once at a friend." Li Dong was a little curious, but did not inquire. …… Seeing Li Dong again, Xu Yong's smile looked much fake. "Mr. Li, we meet again!" Li Dong smiled and shook his hand and said, "I'm bothering Mr. Xu, but I'm really sincere." Xu Yong smiled and did not say anything, this is the second time, things can only be three, the next time Li Dong came again I'm afraid that someone will have to block the way. Because this time there is an extra Gu Honglu, Xu Yong could not help but look at him more. Seeing Xu Yong look over, Gu Honglu smilingly reached out and said, "Mr. Xu, I'm Gu Honglu of the Red House Agency, nice to meet you." Xu Yong pondered for a moment and shook his hand before saying, "So it's Mr. Gu, it's been a long time." Gu Honglou immediately revealed a look of honor, exaggeratedly laughed: "I did not expect Mr. Xu still remember me, I feel honored!" Xu Yong smiled and didn't say anything, this kind of Maitreya Buddha type of figure like Gu Honglou was unforgettable as long as he met once. And the ancient red house in this part of the capital is specifically to deal with them these business elite, there is no surprise that there has been contact. Li Dong even invited Gu Hong Lou, Xu Yong could not help but rise a trace of interest. You should know that Gu Honglou is a middleman, not a negotiator. What do you mean by middleman, is that both sides are pulling the strings, both sides have ideas, and they are the middleman from which to set up. And Gu Honglou did not contact him before, now unilaterally followed Li Dong over, this intermediary can be a bit of a misnomer. Called Li Dong a few people to sit down, Xu Yong also did not speak, revealing a respectful listening state. Since Li Dong came to see him again, he must have felt that there is something to impress him. Xu Yong is curious, what makes Li Dong think he can make him loose his mouth? Li Dong did not say anything, but looked at Gu Honglou, this time he can count on Gu Honglou. The company's company is developing a new drug recently?" Xu Yong nodded, this is not too big a secret, there is no need to deny. "This aspect of the new drug from research and development to production, the investment is not a small amount, Mr. Xu has now begun to contact banks and venture capitalists, right?" Xu Yong's spirit, looked at the ancient red building did not speak. Research and development of new drugs is not confidential, contacting venture capitalists and banks is a real secret, and is only a preliminary negotiation, so far they have not met formally. Xu Yong remained silent, but not impatient, but want to listen to Gu Honglu continue to say.