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Chapter 127 - Deal

  After a few minutes of silence, Xu Yong looked at Li Dong: "Since you don't think much of Baidu, why did Mr. Li have to buy my shares?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "It's not that I'm not optimistic, but I'm not optimistic now, the future is promising. I am prepared to hold for a long time, not desperately want to cash out, wait for a decade or eight years the Internet will certainly usher in the spring, I am optimistic about the future of the Internet." This is pure bullshit, Li Dong secretly spit out a sentence. But Xu Yong took it seriously, because Li Dong's meaning and he simply coincided. He is also optimistic about the future of the Internet, but not about the present of Baidu. If you don't need money urgently, it's really worth holding Baidu stock for a long time, but what Xu Yong needs now is money. Xu Yong rubbed his temples, feeling a little distracted, and more importantly, he felt he was starting to waver. From the beginning of the refusal, to now and Li Dong and they talk for so long, it is the performance of his wavering. To sell or not to sell? After considering for a long time, Xu Yong said tiredly: "Let me think about it. And I have an agreement with the board of directors that without the written consent of the board and the majority of shareholders, the founder of the company is not allowed to transfer his shares." The original purpose of this agreement was to target Xu Yong and prevent him from selling his shares to a competitor, which would lead to Baidu being acquired. However, time has changed, the shares in his hands are now not much, and the board of directors will not disagree if he really wants to sell, otherwise he would not have sold some of his shares before. Li Dong and Gu Honglu know that this is Xu Yong's excuse to send off, the two naturally refused to leave now. Strike while the iron is hot, it's hard to talk Xu Yong, if he turns around and has to think about it for a while, Li Dong which has so long to wait. Gu Honglou waited for him to finish and took over: "Leave this to me, I'll handle the Baidu board side." He and Baidu's senior management have almost all dealt with, if Xu Yong left before he did not dare to play this guarantee, but now he is 100% sure. And Li Dong's money is not so easy to get, really expect a few words of work to earn so much money, it is too easy. The follow-up procedures, all kinds of problems that may face, all need to be handled by the ancient red building. Only when the money and goods are really clear, the deal is complete. Xu Yong knew the meaning of the two, but did not relent and said, "I'll think about it, and contact you later." Li Dong some reluctance, but also know that can not force too hard, heard the words can only say: "Then Xu General consider well and then give me a call, I can not stay long in the capital, the company there are many things to do." …… and so out of the building, Li Dong asked Gu Hong Lou said, "Xu Yong will sell?" Gu Honglu smiled bitterly, who can say this is accurate. But what should be done is done, and it is useless to talk about it, but also depends on Xu Yong himself. Think so, Gu Honglou mouth still comforted: "Mr. Li do not worry, he will certainly agree." Li Dong nodded, but in his heart he set a time for himself, today is June 1, before June 5 if Xu Yong still did not reply to himself, then he was ready to give up. …… Xu Yong did not let Li Dong wait until the 5th, the 3rd called Li Dong, said he wanted to talk to Li Dong. Hang up the phone Li Dong continuously smoked a few cigarettes, which calmed down the mood, this is done! The next is nothing but the price issue, but in Li Dong's view the price is not a problem, as long as it does not exceed the issue price, he can accept. When Li Dong and Gu Honglu saw Xu Yong again, Xu Yong was a bit depressed. Li Dong and the others thought it was because Xu Yong had been thinking about it for too long in the past two days that he seemed mentally exhausted, but in fact what they didn't know was that Xu Yong had experienced much more than they thought in the past two days. Banks and venture capitalists he has contacted a few, either not optimistic, or harsh conditions. In short, Xu Yong has been hit these two days, or else count on the last conversation, Xu Yong certainly will not make a decision so quickly. Seeing Li Dong, Xu Yong also no nonsense, directly said: "Mr. Li want how many shares?" "How much do you have ……" In fact, Li Dong wanted to say how much you have I want how much. But the next words of Xu Yong scared Li Dong, "I will not sell all, up to 500,000 shares." Li Dong gulped, half a million shares?