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Chapter 120: The End of the Capital

  "Twenty-five million!" Sun Tao murmured, and then he muttered, "Why is it my leg that is broken?" His only thought now was to break Li Dong's leg, so that this loser could not go anywhere! It's not enough to take away 50 million, but he wants 25 million! "Brother Sun, are you okay?" Li Dong on the other side of the phone heard Sun Tao's ravings and quickly asked, "Is it your leg that's hurting again?" "Legs don't hurt, the heart hurts!" Sun Tao cried and covered his chest, it really hurt, it hurt more than a broken rib. Li Dong understood his meaning and smiled sarcastically, "Brother Sun, I'm on business." "My side is very urgent, I need it within three days, you transfer it to me as soon as possible." "Mr. Li, Mr. Li, are you trying to force me to die?" Sun Tao finally couldn't restrain himself and said angrily, "Where does Yuanfang have twenty-five million for you to squander now!" "The company has just over 18 million left in its books, if we gave it all to you, all branch construction would have to stop! And without any reserves, Yuanfang may collapse at any time, do you understand or not?" Sun Tao was almost hysterical, Li Dong had gone completely crazy! More than seventy million to buy stocks, even the last reserves to be used, this is completely do not leave a way back ah! Li Dong didn't expect Sun Tao to react so fiercely, he quickly soothed: "Brother Sun, don't get excited, your bones haven't healed yet." "I'm not excited, not excited at all!" Sun Tao roared, and then he covered his chest and groaned. Just roar too loud, the bones seem to really have the feeling of crumbling, Sun Tao has a feeling of wanting to cry without tears. Li Dong cried and laughed, and soothed a few more words, then said, "Brother Sun, I really have business, now waiting for money to save my life." Sun Tao was silent for a long time. A long time before sighing: "I'll transfer all 18 million to you, success or failure will depend on the fate of the far side." "Don't ah, 18 million is not enough ……" not waiting for Li Dong to finish, Sun Tao was furious: "This is all the money of the far side, enough is not like this!" "Loan ……" "Even if the loan, three days can come down? The bank is not far away from the opening!" "Then can we find a partner to temporarily borrow part of it?" Sun Tao simply can not stand: "You kill me forget it! Do you know what it means to borrow money? Do you know what borrowing money means? Immediately, someone will know that Yuanfang's capital chain is broken, and all the suppliers will come to the door to collect debts, do you think Yuanfang is dying fast enough?" Li Dong rubbed his ears, his ribs were broken, but he still roared so much. When Sun Tao stopped, Li Dong said with a bitter smile, "But the money is really not enough!" According to the current exchange rate, to take Xu Yong's 500,000 shares, the RMB needs about 73 million. Now even if that 18 million arrives, there is still a gap of 5 million. This is not counting the commission of the ancient red building, the commission money Li Dong hands can still take out for the time being. Do you say buy less? But the negotiations have been negotiated, and now go to say buy less part, not only shame, but also will make Xu Yong doubt his strength. The contract has not been signed yet, it is possible that Xu Yong may renege. Li Dong sighed, I should have known not to be so greedy, buy three or four hundred thousand shares is not the same. But at this moment to say these are too late, not to mention the money for nothing, Li Dong also can not give up. Hearing Li Dong say so, Sun Tao angry liver pain, for a long time before stifling said: "I try to think of a way, must ensure that we have no money news can not be spread." "Are you sure?" Li Dong was a bit uneasy. To keep the news from getting out and to raise millions of cash in a short time, he doubted that Sun Tao could accomplish it. Sun Tao sighed and said helplessly, "I can only say that I will try my best, really can't raise, that can't be helped." Li Dong was depressed, your words are too irresponsible, right? If you can't raise the money, when you sign the contract, do you say to Xu Yong: "Xu, the remaining five million can not be owed first?"