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Chapter 129 - Becoming famous

  On June 7, Li Dong and his party finally returned to Pingchuan. The trip to the capital, there are gains and losses, the biggest harvest is naturally the 500,000 original shares of Baidu. Of course, this trip also emptied Li Dong's family's money. For these 500,000 shares, Li Dong paid at least 75 million in cash before and after. Originally back to Pingchuan, Li Dong was ready to rest for a day, and then go to the supermarket tomorrow. As a result, just arrived home less than half an hour, Liu Qi pushed the wheelchair Sun Tao to the door. Li Dong thought Sun Tao was going to say something about money, and just wanted to make a sound, he saw Sun Tao with a blue face and said, "Mr. Li, I'm afraid you're very excited now, right?" Li Dong frowned slightly and did not say anything. Seeing that he didn't say anything, Sun Tao suddenly got annoyed and said, "Did you go to acquire Baidu's shares?" Li Dong's heart shook, how did Sun Tao know? Only Zhou Haidong and Zheng Long knew about the acquisition of Baidu's shares. But Li Dong believe that they will not talk nonsense, this he feels that he can still control, then Sun Tao from where to learn? As if he could see Li Dong's doubts, Sun Tao threw a newspaper with a black face onto the coffee table in front of Li Dong. "Read it yourself!" Li Dong frowned and picked up the newspaper and read it, and soon found out what Sun Tao wanted him to read. The Weekly Morning Post. Headline: The youngest billionaire? Mysterious young man throws billions to acquire Baidu shares …… According to the newspaper, the mysterious young man is a person from Jiangbei, the year of weakness, worth more than 100 million …… Li surname, engaged in the retail industry, is rumored to be a college student in Pingchuan…… ……The bottom of the report is also accompanied by a pair of illustrations, is Li Dong and Xu Yong's handshake photo. This is the scene when Xu Yong sent Li Dong out of Zhonghe Building after the contract was signed, and from the angle of the photo, it was taken outside the building. Although the photo is a bit blurred, but if familiar with Li Dong's people, should be able to recognize Li Dong. Li Dong did not say anything after reading the newspaper. A long time before fiercely slamming the newspaper on the coffee table, cursing: "Damn / of, these entertainment tabloids have nothing to do? Everything has to be involved!" Sun Tao frowned and interrupted, "Mr. Li, this is not the time to get angry." Li Dong was furious and sat down with a gloomy face without saying a word. He and Xu Yong's deal is not to say top secret, the general public will never know. Xu Yong, Ancient Red House, lawyers, Baidu Board of Directors …… can pry his news so clearly, must be a mistake among these people, someone leaked his information! This entertainment gossip newspaper, just short of directly naming him, and even know that he is engaged in the industry. You know that even in Pingchuan, not many people know what he Li Dong is doing. Light a cigarette and take a few puffs, Li Dong then said with a fluke in his heart, "Even if the news is leaked, it should have no effect, right?" "Is Li always deceiving himself and others?" Sun Tao was full of annoyance and said with a black face, "Many people have a good idea of Yuanfang's family background, where did the money for the acquisition of shares come from, can't they guess?" "Once you know that Mr. Li embezzled the money for goods and purchases, you don't need me to say that Mr. Li should know the consequences! I'm sure 100% of the suppliers will come to the door to call for money, if a careless, and then a run on shopping coupons, I'm afraid that Yuanfang is facing bankruptcy and liquidation!" Li Dong opened his mouth, wanted to say something, but did not know how to say. Sun Tao saw the situation lightly hummed: "General Li do not expect and those people say what Baidu is a potential stock, listed stocks will soar ……" "These days, in addition to money is reliable, what stocks are not reliable! Those suppliers will and listen to you say Baidu shares are worth money? Those citizens with shopping vouchers will listen to you explain Baidu stock will skyrocket?"