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Chapter 130 Li Dong was swept away

  Recommended Reading: At this end, Li Dong is talking to CCB about a loan. The forum of several universities in Pingchuan has launched a campaign called "Find the billionaire around you". Since it was revealed that Li's tycoon might be a college student in Pingchuan, many people couldn't sit still. As soon as the campaign started, all sorts of revelations came out. All kinds of posts flooded the major forums. Some of the people who are watching the hilarity can't wait for it to get more lively, so the major forums were instantly swept with all kinds of strange and bizarre posts. My bunk, the road to the rise of billionaires", "I and Li x x have to tell the story", "talk about my ex-boyfriend Li x x x" …… Jiangda, 351 dormitory. Xu Chen looked at the very familiar photo with strange eyes for a long time before shouting, "Rat, come here!" Zhang Hao is reviewing his homework, heard the words turned around and said, "What for?" "Come over and take a look, does this photo look familiar to you?" Zhang Hao got up and walked to Xu Chen's side, staring at the enlarged photo on Xu Chen's computer for a while. Then he said, "Isn't this Brother Dong? What's wrong, when did you take a picture of Dong?" "It's really him!" Although Xu Chen had a guess in his mind, but when he really waited for Zhang Hao to say it, he still couldn't help but be stunned. This is Li Dong? The person who spent a lot of money to acquire Baidu shares and shook hands with Xu Yong, one of the founders of Baidu, was really Li Dong! Xu Chen heart feeling is really difficult to recount, froze for a long time before saying, "Are you sure it's Dong?" Zhang Hao said, "Nonsense! Although it is side, but a glance can also see." Seeing Xu Chen dazed, Zhang Hao couldn't help but say, "What's wrong? Still thinking about Huang Shanshan?" Xu Chen waved his hand and didn't say anything, because he really didn't know what to say. Originally, he and Li Dong's relationship in the dormitory was not bad, but since there were rumors that Huang Shanshan liked Li Dong, his relationship with Li Dong gradually faded. As a result, I did not expect that the silent classmate was actually an invisible rich man, and for a while Xu Chen did not know how to narrate his mood. …… The same scene also happened in the female dormitory. Li Wan is a net insect, usually nothing to brush the forum is one of the hobbies. Last night Li Wan slept early and forgot to brush the forum, only to get up in the morning and find that the campus forum had fallen. There was no need to look for it, the forum was topped with posts about Li Dong. At first Li Wan saw the report in the post and did not take it seriously, others have money is someone else's business, and will not give her a dime. But when Li Wan saw the photo, the whole person was a little bad. Is this Li Dong? It seems, it should be, it might be Li Dong, right? She did not have much contact with Li Dong, but relatively speaking in the class should be considered more. At first she didn't recognize Li Dong, but then the more she saw, the more familiar she looked, and when she thought about the surname Li, Li Wan couldn't help but think of Li Dong, who was jokingly offered to be his girlfriend. Then she compared it with her own impression of Li Dong, and Li Wan realized that this mysterious rich man, and Li Dong really look alike! After a long time of daze, Li Wan screamed: "Come and see, big news!" A few other girls who were busy with their own business came around, and Li Wan didn't say a word and clicked on the post about Li Dong. In a short time, the dormitory was in an uproar. Zhao Tingting rubbed her eyes and said in a firm tone, "I've decided, from today onwards Li Tuhao is my dish!"