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Chapter 131 - Human feelings and warmth

  When out of the teahouse, Li Dong exhaled. Finally took the old Zhao this guy, this guy is bold enough, and finally asked Li Dong 500,000. But this half a million is not for nothing, old Zhao under the cruelty, promised Li Dong a week to release the money. Involving 20 million loans, a week to release the money, it can be said to take a big risk. This is also Yuanfang performance has been excellent, otherwise Zhao Jinsheng would not dare to take this risk. In any case, the faster the loan, the better, Li Dong also do not care how Zhao Jinsheng operate, as long as the money down, half a million spent also spent. After smoking a cigarette, just ready to get in the car, Li Dong's phone rang. Li Dong thought the fat man continued to harass him, looked at the number, but it was Fang Qingfei. Just picking up the phone, Fang Qingfei said angrily, "Mr. Li, Li billionaire, Li mega-rich! I've done your withdrawal procedures for you, are you coming to get it yourself or should I send it to your old man?" Li Dong's face was full of black lines, and he said in no good mood, "Did I invite you to mess with you?" "You still have the face to say that!" Hearing such irresponsible words from Li Dong, Fang Qingfei was instantly furious. "You disappeared for more than ten days without a word, not even attending classes, not even taking leave, what do you think school is?" "I know you're rich, I've read the posts on the forum, I know you're greatly rich and don't need a diploma, but can you not harm me?" Speaking of this, Fang Qingfei really a bitter tears, have bitter can not say. Jiangda University is a key university, both the assessment of students and instructors are very strict, students who miss too many classes will definitely be expelled. This is not the key, the key is the student absenteeism but affect the assessment of the tutor. Fang Qingfei is now in the stage of evaluating the title, originally she was very hopeful to be evaluated as a lecturer this year, but the result is that Li Dong this guy missed too many classes, directly caught by the school inspection team. The dean told her directly and clearly that she should forget about the lecturer in the first half of the year and wait for the second half of the year. If Fang Qingfei is not angry, it is strange, Li Dong has money is Li Dong's business, and does not share her a penny. But the title and her closely related, salary, future prospects, the delay of half a year is not a joke, who knows what changes will happen after half a year. This is also the reason for her anger, otherwise Li Dong's family is very rich, she did not say to please, but also will not deliberately find Li Dong stubble. When Fang Qingfei finished, Li Dong also speechless. Jiang Da is so strict? He usually did not really care. This time to the capital he did not expect to delay so long, and did not expect to affect Fang Qingfei, this is really his right to lose. Since he was at a disadvantage, Li Dong had to put up with Fang Qingfei's ramblings until she finished, Li Dong said, "Okay, this is my fault, I apologize to you, okay." Hearing Li Dong concede, Fang Qingfei's heart was so happy. The thing has been so, now say other useless, but Li Dong can apologize, at least this guy is now considered a big shot, Fang Qingfei really some cool feeling. But next when Li Dong finished, Fang Qingfei was not happy, only one thought in his heart, no one stop me, I'll go kill this bastard now! "By the way, I have something to do in the next few days, turn around and ask for a few days off for me." Li Dong said indifferently. Fang Qingfei's teeth were about to gnash, furiously said: "Why are you still going to school if you are so rich? You go back to be your boss, I will be my teacher, can you stop harming me?" Li Dong skewed his mouth, how this sounds so ambiguous. A woman to a man said don't harm her, Li Dong always feel that he thought wrong. As for dropping out of school, Li Dong is definitely not doing it. There is money, but the school still has to go, not for other reasons, for the sake of reputation also to get the diploma.