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Chapter 132 - Taking the initiative

  The next two days, the major universities in Pingchuan are abuzz with gossip, and I don't know how much gossip related to Li Dong emerged. The first time Li Dong's ex-girlfriend appeared to say, a while Li Dong's ex-girlfriend also came out to bubble. In the end, Li Dong's girlfriends are more than a few dozen people. True or false, false or true, in the end everyone is getting confused. The original even if there is recognized Li Dong, want to come out to say a few words, the results are said to be a no one asked for the end. These people in the know can only look up to the sky and sigh, why say the truth is never believed it. …… a small building outside the campus of Jiang University. "Shit, do not believe me even if, but also scold me!" Meng Qiping angry fiercely smashed the mouse on the table, full of indignation. If you zoom in, you can see that his computer page shows a post with more than a thousand replies. As for the subject of the post, say it probably still remember, "My bunk, the rise of billionaires". Cheng Nan glanced at him and said, "Believe you're the devil! Return my top bunk brother, you have a top bunk there?" "Rhetorical techniques, do not understand! Even if it's not the top bunk, it's still the front bunk, I'm not lying!" Meng Qiping excitedly immediately retorted. He wrote the post just to play hard to get, but it turned out that the dog bit him instead. In the past two days, his post has been topped, and he has also been scolded. No one believed that the tycoon would be bunking with this guy, who let his post pretend to be too much and write himself a little too bullish. Cheng Nan did not pay attention to him, busy with the matter at hand before asking: "Li Dong is so rich, do you think we should invite him to dinner and get close?" Meng Qiping gave her a blank look and grunted, "What is my relationship with Brother Dong, do we need to get close?" "Do you know what it means to be close to people? You and Li Dong have only been together for a few days and have not been seeing each other for a long time, is there still friendship to speak of?" Cheng Nan first lectured him a few words, then said, "It's better not to invite now, when Qin Yuhan when back to Pingchuan, we will invite them to dinner." Meng Qiping muttered, but did not refuse. Although he has a small heart, it does not mean that people are stupid. …… Li Dong did not know that the article "My Bunk, the Road to Billionaire Rise" was written by Meng Qiping. If you know, he must have picked the skin of Meng Qiping. Because of this article he idly read a little, if not into themselves, then this article is definitely a very good male love novel. But if you substitute yourself and fatty, Li Dong is afraid that the heart of death. Because of the lack of knowledge, so Meng Qiping escaped a disaster. Of course, at the moment, Li Dong is not in the mood and those who wrote the post. These two days there are constantly small suppliers door-to-door payment, Li Dong already feel like they are being forced to go out of the way. Although the money is not much, but scattered together, two days, he has spent more than three million. This more than three million or he temporarily from several branches over. This money can not be given, once the money can not be taken out, waiting for Li Dong is afraid of those big suppliers. More than three million out, at least let Li Dong peace for two days. Just sent away a wave of small suppliers, Li Dong asked Liu Qi: "How much money do we have now?" Liu Qi picked up the notebook and looked at it, and simply calculated: "There are still 380,000, but the turnover of Longhua today has not yet moved, there are more than one million." Li Dong slightly relieved, there is still money is good, I was afraid that there is no money. But it is not good to keep going on like this, and if it drags on for a few days, he will be at the end of his rope.