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Chapter 133 - Jealousy among peers

  June 16th. Third floor of the Sky Lake Hotel, banquet hall. As guests streamed in, the small meeting room next to the banquet hall was filled with smoke. Financial Director Liu Hongmei pushed open the window to disperse the smoke and advised, "Mr. Sun, smoke a little less, your body is not yet well." Sun Tao was like a wounded beast, his eyes were scarlet. Hearing Liu Hongmei's words, Sun Tao said in a muffled voice: "Smoking doesn't kill people! But later, I'm afraid that people will really die!" "Did not Mr. Li go to the bank ……" not waiting for Liu Hongmei to finish, Sun Tao gritted his teeth and said, "What is the use of going to the bank now! Can Zhao Jinsheng still turn out money? Twenty million ah, not two hundred thousand, not two million!" Since the loan didn't come down yesterday, Sun Tao knew that the matter was not good. But the arrow was on the string, it was too late to say anything, and the party could not be cancelled. Zhao Jinsheng, that son of a bitch, dared to accept the money and not do anything, this matter is not finished! Even if Yuanfang is really finished, the surname Zhao also do not want to feel good! Sun Tao, who hadn't slept all night, turned to Liu Qi and said, "Push me out!" Liu Qi glanced at Liu Hongmei and advised in a low voice, "Mr. Sun, why don't you go and rest for a while, Director Liu and Manager Zhang can receive you." "Cut the crap, push me out!" Sun Tao impatiently drank a sentence. Today he was in a very bad mood, it was clear that Yuanfang had been flourishing, how did it come to this point today? Once the supplier is in trouble later, nearly 30 million dollars of goods, Yuanfang what to pay back? …… CCB Yaohai Branch. The president's office, Li Dong crossed his legs, a face of indifference. Zhao Jinsheng, sweating, said bitterly: "Mr. Li, it's useless for you to force me. The bank is rich, but this money is not mine, I can't take it for you to use." The corners of Li Dong's mouth curled up and he sneered, "How dare I force Governor Zhao? It's obvious that Governor Zhao is the one who is forcing me to death!" "Didn't you promise me yesterday that you would definitely get the money today? Where is the money?" The more Li Dong said, the angrier he became, he gritted his teeth and shouted, "Tell me where the money went! Don't take me for a fool, you think my Li Dong's money is that easy to get!" Zhao Jinsheng was startled and hurriedly got up to check the office door, then whispered, "Mr. Li, be careful what you say!" "What am I afraid of! Now without the 20 million, Yuanfang is definitely finished, since Yuanfang is finished, I am still afraid of what! I still have hundreds of millions of Baidu shares in my hand, so if Yuanfang is finished, I will still have no shortage of money to spend!" Li Dong even tore his face, it is Zhao Jinsheng bullying too much. Since you dare to accept money, then you have to work! The money received, the results did not get done, do you really think that the world can pick up the money can not. Zhao Jinsheng also knew that if he did not give an explanation to Li Dong, he would not end up well. Hesitated for a moment, finally Zhao Jinsheng only tangled: "Li, not that I am difficult for you. My legs are broken for you, and the money has come down ……" "Where did the money go?" Li Dong stared at him and said coldly. "The money ……" Zhao Jinsheng wanted to speak but stopped, several times wanted to speak finally did not say. Li Dong also no longer ask, just coldly look at him. After about three or four minutes, Zhao Jinsheng sighed: "To be honest. The 20 million did come down, and are ready to transfer to the account of the far side, but the result was cut off in the middle." "Who?" Li Dong narrowed his eyes and asked. He knew it was not that simple, Zhao Jinsheng is not an idiot, before receiving the money must have been considered.