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Chapter 134 - Peace and prosperity?

  "Mr. Sun, what exactly does Mr. Li mean?" "That's right, he said nine o'clock, but it's already time, he's fooling us!" "Mr. Sun, can Mr. Li come or not? If you can't come, you can open it instead of Mr. Li!" "Everyone don't force Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun's leg injury is not yet healed, let Mr. Sun take a break." …… When Li Dong arrived, the banquet hall was in a mess. Sun Tao because of the wheelchair, was blocked in the middle of the road can not go away. Seeing the crowd getting more and more crowded, Li Dong coldly shouted, "What are you doing?" Hearing the sound of the crowd hurriedly turned around, once they saw it was Li Dong, a supplier who knew Li Dong immediately greeted with a smile on his face: "Mr. Li, you're here." Li Dong nodded and said with a frown, "Everyone go back to their seats, we'll talk later." Someone still wanted to say more, but was pulled back by the acquaintance beside him. At this time when the head of the bird is not necessary, flat out evil Li Dong is also no good. After all, they are adults, also considered the social elite, the crowd quickly dispersed, and soon returned to their own seats. Li Dong waved his hand to indicate Liu Qi back, personally pushed Sun Tao up to the front. Seeing Sun Tao's puzzled face, Li Dong gently patted his shoulder and nodded invisibly. Sun Tao immediately mood a relief, tense nerves also relaxed. Because the night did not sleep, injuries and not healed, this relaxation Sun Tao almost collapsed in the wheelchair. Li Dong helped him a hand, his heart was a little sour, to be honest, to say in the supermarket's contribution, he definitely can not compare to Sun Tao. Sun Tao has injected too much effort into this. If the far side really collapsed, the most sad is certainly not Li Dong, but Sun Tao. Not to say anything else, Li Dong took a deep breath, and only then turned his gaze to the crowd in the hall. Today's suppliers are not a small number, Far Eastern now six stores, large and small suppliers close to fifty to sixty people. Seeing Li Dong look over, the chatter on the stage gradually diminished until finally inaudible. Between the supermarket and suppliers, the supermarket has always been the initiative, this time, if not for the rumors that Li Dong moved their payments, these suppliers will not be so aggressive. But the tiger fell majestic in, not until the last minute, no one can guarantee that the far side is really finished. If Yuanfang still has money, survive the crisis, the bad luck is theirs. Not that Li Dong revenge them, but the loss of this large customer, they are not small. Doing business, no one is willing to cross the money. See everyone quiet down, Li Dong lightly smiled and said: "Today invited everyone to Pingchuan a get-together, I think the reason we all have a number in mind." No one answered, and no one said anything. Li Dong did not think, continued: "Now outside are rumors that I Li Dong moved everyone's payment ……" said here, Li Dong paused, gaze around the stage a circle. Seeing that someone is stupid to move, Li Dong smiled and pointed to the boss who was ready to speak and said, "General Qin, what doubts you have, feel free to say!" The supplier who was named saw all the people's eyes looking over, his face was a bit torn, but he still spoke out: "Mr. Li said it was a rumor, but how come I heard it was a fact?" "Oh? I don't know who Mr. Qin listened to, if you don't mind can you talk to me about it? Is it the payment for the goods, I think besides me and Mr. Sun, it is only Director Liu who is clear, did Mr. Sun or Director Liu say it to you?" Boss Qin's face flashed with embarrassment and said with a strong smile, "Mr. Li, I think you know better than us if it's the truth." Seeing that Li Dong did not say anything, Mr. Qin added: "We are not saying that we have to force Mr. Li to give us an explanation. But after all, it involves tens of millions of dollars, Mr. Li in the end did not take to use, at least to inform us, you say right?"