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Chapter 135 - The Tiger's Head and the Snake's Tai

  The more noise on the stage, the more powerful. There are already suppliers yelling for Li Dong to pay back the money. Li Dong also did not say anything, found a chair and sat down casually. The crowd saw no response from Li Dong, some of the original panicked suppliers are even more panicked. Boss Qin even said loudly: "Mr. Li, nowadays, don't you want to give an explanation to everyone?" "What explanation do you want?" Li Dong said indifferently. "Pay for the goods first!" It had come to the stage of tearing the face, and Boss Qin didn't care about tearing it more viciously. Li Dong did not look at him, but looked at the crowd and said, "Pressing the payment is the rule of the road, you are not going to abide by the rules?" The matter of hundreds of thousands or even millions of goods, what the rules of the trade are not the rules of the trade have been cast aside. Just after Li Dong finished, someone said: "Li, the rules of the trade, let's not talk about the rules of the trade. Let me ask, is the Baidu share considered an asset of Yuanfang or your personal assets?" "Is there a difference?" Li Dong asked. "Of course there is!" The person who spoke excitedly said, "If it's Yuanfang's, we're not afraid of you reneging on the money for the goods. But if it's your personal, when Yuanfang goes bankrupt, you casually find an excuse to transfer the shares to other people's names, do we still have to chase you every day to file a lawsuit?" Once these words were spoken, everyone suddenly realized that they had overlooked something. When he finished, someone else said, "Yes, Mr. Li, what's going on with this Baidu share?" Seeing everyone looking at himself, Li Dong said without panic: "This seems to be my own business, so why should I tell you?" The suppliers, large and small, were dumbfounded, you answered so dangling, are you really not afraid to force everyone? Li Dong has seen enough of the lively, lazy to play with them again. Swept a glance at Boss Qin and several other people, Li Dong leisurely said: "I will not say more nonsense. Since you guys want to break the rules, I won't stop you." "Those who want to continue doing business with Yuanfang, I welcome with both hands, but you still have to keep the rules. If you don't want to do business with Yuanfang, come out now, then take the money and go away, there are many manufacturers these days, not a few of you!" When Li Dong said this, the crowd was stunned. This guy's mouth is too big, right? You know that the suppliers here are all suppliers of the Far East, he is not afraid of offending them, we collectively to a break? When the goods are out of stock, even if the party temporarily change the supplier is too late, right? Li Dong knows what they think, but he is not afraid. These days, who does not want to do business with money, here 50 or 60 people can really be united? As long as the far side has money, within three days Li Dong can find someone to take their place. In addition, the supermarket has inventory, Li Dong is not afraid of a momentary break in the goods. These guys really think they can threaten him just by getting together, joke! "Just now are not all clamoring for money? Who wants to get money now come forward, out of time! After today and then quarrel, do not blame me Li Dong speak with the contract, when the money is not, the lawyer group I did prepare a for you!" Pressing the money is the rule of the road, but this is also signed a contract. The previous situation is that we are good to you and me, and the country is a humane society, rarely take the contract to talk. But all to this point, Li Dong and they talk about what human kindness. Really want to force him, not a penny to these guys, these guys can still do. Lawsuit Li Dong is not afraid, the big deal is to drag on, three or five months down, to ensure that a small half of the people here are dragged to death. Even if the final lawsuit lost, Li Dong to pay back the money is, is not more litigation costs, he does not care.