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Chapter 136: Not bad for money

  The ballroom was quiet at this moment. Thirty million put on the books is just so, but 30 million in cash, the major suppliers have definitely produced a huge impact. Li Dong watched the crowd breathing heavily, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up. Honestly, his own first time to see so much cash was also shocked a little. The effect of cash and book figures is still very different. If Li Dong now says he has fifty million in his account and one hundred million, others feel just like that when they hear it. But really when Li Dong put 30 million in front of them, it feels very different. After waiting for about a minute or two, the crowd finally came back to their senses. Seeing this, Li Dong said to Boss Qin: "Today, the bank staff, the financial staff of the far side are all present, the money is not less than one point! If you don't feel comfortable, you can count it yourselves, how about that?" Boss Qin what they can say, each of them face sarcastic. Several small suppliers are bloodless, the money is back, but the business is yellow. This is not a big deal, but today's incident spreads out, there will definitely be people say they have eyes, no pearl, do not abide by the rules. In the future, there is no one willing to continue to work with them is a problem, business is not credible, business is very difficult to continue. A few people sighed softly, also, at this point in time to say what is useless. Although the face of the boss Qin slightly changed, but still barely maintain composure. His business is bigger than others, Li Dong side can not do, but also can do other. But counting the money is not necessary, the boss Qin also no nonsense, directly said: "Mr. Li, the money I will arrange someone to deal with, I still have things to do today, goodbye!" After saying that, regardless of Li Dong's reaction, the boss Qin hurriedly out of the banquet hall. Li Dong also did not say anything, the line of sight again fell on a few people still in a daze. Several people glanced at each other, and did not have the heart to count the money in front of so many people, reluctantly smiled and said: "Mr. Li, the money matter is not urgent, let's talk about it later." Li Dong gave a laugh and said lightly, "That's fine. But I see a few of you look a little ugly, why don't you go back and rest first?" This is to drive people away, a few people even thick skin is also embarrassed to stay longer. When they left, Li Dong face gradually look better. Looked at the others, Li Dong laughed: "Today let everyone see the joke!" "It's okay, Mr. Li has let us watch a big show this time." "Oh, honestly, this is the first time in my life that I have seen so much money, Mr. Li is a big spender." "Mr. Li, if you don't mind, how about letting me take a picture with this pile of gold?" "Hahahaha, it's Wu who has the idea, I didn't think of it until I said so. Mr. Li, if you don't mind I'll take a picture too." …… Once a few restless elements left, the atmosphere suddenly became active. Everyone is a businessman, no one is willing to have a problem with money. Since Li Dong has the strength, Yuanfang also has the strength, good business why not do. So then we talk to each other very happy, as if nothing had happened before. Of course, if we can ignore that big pile of grandpa Mao next to the words. As for why Li Dong did not rush to let the escort to send the money back to the bank, this is also his bad taste. It is to show you, your brother Dong I am not bad money! The actual fact is that there are a lot of people who are not afraid of these guys having bad intentions. …… 5:30 pm, Li Dong sent off the last supplier.