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Chapter 137 - Internal Reorganization

  Li Dong is not trying to cause trouble, just holding fire in his heart. Several big supermarkets in Pingchuan have tricked him this time, and it's hard to hold this anger in your heart. He is ready to learn from Su Guo, in the vicinity of several large supermarkets to open community stores, convenience stores, life supermarkets, anyway, must be surrounded by them to do. Sugo has done a beautiful job in this regard, taking out many domestic and foreign hypermarkets in this way of siege. At the beginning, foreign hypermarkets stationed in Nanjing originally wanted to do something big, but the result was almost beaten by Su Guo, who did not even know his mother. Li Dong now want to do the same, not to say that they have to kill them, at least have to disgust them to death. So think, Li Dong motivated. He has always been revenge is not overnight, since the idea was made up, then ready to do it. …… 16th floor of the Global Building. The current headquarters of the Far Side is in the Global Building, moved from Longhua side less than a week ago. It may be that just moved in not long ago, whether it is the old staff or new college students, it seems to be a bit uncomfortable. Li Dong was busy a few days ago and didn't notice it, but today it's not busy anymore, so he frowned at once. Very chaotic, very disorderly. Employees as headless flies running around, the noise and vegetable markets are a match. From time to time heard someone loudly reprimanded, the sound of the entire floor can be heard. Li Dong just passed by the corridor, next to an office someone hurriedly came out, Li Dong avoided, was splashed by the other side of the coffee. "Sorry, sorry, I ……" the employee who hit Li Dong looked up and found out that it was the boss, almost scared dumb. Li Dong frowned and said lightly: "Be careful next time!" Said as if he thought of something, frowned and asked, "Isn't this Mr. Sun's office? Mr. Sun came here today?" "Did not come ……" "Did not come you into the office of General Manager Sun to do what!" Li Dong said unhappily. The employee caught by Li Dong was on the verge of tears, and only after a long time did he stammer: "Mr. Sun's office has a coffee machine, so I ……" Li Dong's face changed, and he turned around without saying anything and left. The employee who remained in place wanted to cry, how so unlucky, just by the boss to meet. …… not to mention the employee's worry, Li Dong went into his office to change his clothes, then sat down and began to think. The development of the far side is too fast, the staff are not long to join, the longest is less than a year. Now because Li Dong does not care much about things, Sun Tao is also too busy, resulting in the quality of the staff has not been able to keep pace with this aspect. Together with the leadership vacancy, the division of departmental responsibilities is vague and confusing management. This series of problems before have, but because of the previous few people, Li Dong also did not notice anything. But now when there are more people, all kinds of shortcomings are exposed. The initial period is not much, but if not corrected, the future will certainly cause big trouble. Like today, an employee actually broke into the general manager's office, just for a cup of coffee! And the general manager is also on vacation, not at all in the office. A general manager, not to mention how many documents in his office related to the internal secrets of the company, just from the aspect of etiquette, the general manager is not in, should not enter his office. This is still Sun Tao, when he is not usually there? There is no one also into his office, this is a big deal. He has a safe in his office, usually at least put a 300,000 to 500,000 cash in it for emergencies, if this is known, who knows what the consequences will be.