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Chapter 138 - Oolong

  June 18th, Saturday. Today Li Dong gave himself a day off. Since he came back from the capital, he had hardly rested, which was too hard for Li Dong, who was used to being lazy. In the morning, Li Dong had not yet woken up when the phone rang. When he answered the phone in a daze, Li Dong realized that it was Fang Qingfei again! "Is it really okay to disturb people's dreams?" Li Dong did not open his mouth, it's just that, as soon as he opened his mouth, Fang Qingfei was angry enough to say: "What are your eyes! Do you know which side the sun is on?" Li Dong really stretched his head to look out the window, and then returned: "Look, the sun is still in the east, not out of the west." "Don't bullshit!" Fang Qingfei was furious, did not want to talk to Li Dong more, straight to the point: "Final exams you still test?" "Final exams ……" Li Dong muttered, only then remembered that it seems to be the time for the final. But he was recently busy forgetting, thought about it and said, "Of course test, I am a good student, how can exams not test." Although and old Huang through the phone, but at least can not be too much is not. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. Fang Qingfei directly ignored him and reminded: "Whatever, I'll tell you anyway. By the way, I forgot to say, nine o'clock in three teachings 502 test high mathematics, if you want to test then run!" When Fang Qingfei hung up the phone, Li Dong cursed: "Run your sister ah!" I said why Fang Qingfei did not call himself, feelings today is the day of the examination. And knowing that it was late, this woman actually talked to herself on the phone a bunch of useless, really is the most poisonous woman's heart. Of course, Li Dong will certainly not run as she wished. Anyway, it's already late, it doesn't matter if it's a little later, it's more important to have an image. The first thing you need to do is to wash your face, brush your teeth, take a shower, and organize your hair, and see that the time is almost ten o'clock before Li Dong wanders off to school. When he arrived at 502, Li Dong looked at the time and it was exactly ten o'clock. Luckily, only an hour late, Li Dong is still very satisfied with his speed. The invigilator looked at Li Dong for a long time before finally shaking his head and letting Li Dong enter the examination room. If this were a college entrance exam, Li Dong would have been kicked to his grandmother's house, but it's a good thing it's a school exam, the rules aren't that strict, or else you'd be an hour late to enter. Find an empty seat and sit down, the invigilator took the sign-in sheet to Li Dong. Li Dong searched for half a day but did not find his name, some depressed said: "Teacher, no my name ah." The invigilator didn't think much about it and said casually, "It's okay if you don't have it, you can write a note by hand at the back." Li Dong answered and wrote his name. Then began to look at the test paper, this look does not matter, Li Dong some confused, hurriedly called the invigilator teacher said: "is not the test high mathematics?" The invigilator frowned and said impatiently, "You're looking at it wrong, high math is tomorrow, today is English." Li Dong scratched his head, could it be that Fang Qingfei was wrong. He didn't think much about it, it didn't matter what was tested first anyway. The English test is better, anyway, are multiple choice questions, just pick and choose, do not have to use your brain. Because the listening has been spared, save the time of listening, Li Dong moves quickly. Less than twenty minutes, English answer key and essay all done. Of course, the answer can be right a few Li Dong will not guarantee, his high school English is poor, to the university is even worse, who knows what is written in the book of heaven. The first thing you need to do is to write your name on the test paper, and Li Dong gets up and turns it in. The invigilator was dumbfounded, you're so fast to finish writing?