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Chapter 139 - Name first!

  Hanging up Fang Qingfei's phone, Li Dong was still a little depressed. But the loss has been eaten, this time depression is useless, Li Dong consoled himself, just as exercise. After chatting with Zhang Hao for a few more minutes, Li Dong was ready to leave. Seeing Li Dong ready to go, Zhang Hao said in passing, "Brother Dong, sister-in-law gone?" Li Dong's footsteps stalled and he was puzzled: "What sister-in-law?" Zhang Hao smelled more puzzled than him and wondered, "Your girlfriend, who came to school to look for you we met, you do not know it?" "Bullshit!" Li Dong scolded in a good-natured way, Qin Yuhan is still in the field internship. Not to mention did not return to Pingchuan, even if it came back will not come to school to find him. The key to Wanyuan Qin Yuhan has, and Li Dong does not live in the dormitory, Qin Yuhan has nothing to do before coming to school to find him. Just want to say that Zhang Hao must be wrong, Li Dong suddenly heart, asked: "What does it look like?" "Beautiful! Big beautiful ah, just like …… just like that ……" Zhang Hao mouth clumsy, said half a long time is not good how to describe. Finally had to muddle through: "Anyway, more beautiful than Bai Su look, tall, wearing a white dress, just like a fairy." Li Dong vaguely guessed who it was, but should not ah. The heart is a little disturbed, take out a cigarette and light it, take a puff Li Dong and asked: "Where did you meet? How come you didn't call me?" "The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. The old Yuan went up to talk to him, but the result is that people do not pay attention to him. Then somehow that beauty asked if we knew Li Dong ……," Zhang Hao said briefly what happened, and finally said: "We said you do not live in the dormitory, and then she went away. Chenzi said to give her your phone, people said there is your phone." Speaking of which, Zhang Hao couldn't help but say, "She didn't call you?" Li Dong did not reply, extinguished the cigarette and said, "I'll go first, talk to you later." …… back on the road, Li Dong several times want to make a phone call to ask, but has not had the courage to press down. Thinking for a long time, until almost to the door of Wanyuan, Li Dong ruthlessly, dialed the number. "Sorry, the number you have dialed is down ……" Li Dong was a bit confused, down? After a moment of hesitation, Li Dong dialed Chen Yue's number again. Chen Yue looked a little excited to receive Li Dong's call and said cheerfully, "Li Dong, the sun came out of the west today, why did you want to call me?" Li Dong smiled, chatted with her for a few minutes, then pretended not to notice and said, "Where is Yuan Xue? You are all in the capital, have you gathered recently?" "You wouldn't not know, right!" Chen Yue looked surprised. Li Dong's heart thumped, and he quickly said, "Know what?" "Xiao Xue left the country a few days ago!" "Left the country?" Li Dong was a little confused. "Yes, the NPC exchange students, sophomore year began. Xiao Xue is now going there to adapt to the next three years are going to stay in the United States. If you are lucky you may be able to settle in the United States in the future, it is really enviable, the famous university is not the same ……" Chen Yue next said what Li Dong no longer care. He only knows that Yuan Xue left the country, perhaps long ago made up his mind to stay abroad to develop, perhaps not to return in this life. No wonder last time in the capital, Yuan Xue behaved so strangely. Li Dong thought for a long time, and finally sighed and said nothing. ……6 20th, Global Building, Far Far Away headquarters. The conference room of Far Side is not small, more than 60 square meters of space, but at the moment is packed with people.