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Chapter 140 Big Moves

  When Li Dong said meeting, the first thing he said was late and absent. "Which two people were just late?" The two people at the corner stood up and were stared at by the crowd, both of them were red in the face and wanted to find a hole in the ground. One of the older men said awkwardly, "Mr. Li, I'm really sorry, just now my daughter's school ……" "No need to explain!" Li Dong interrupted his words and said coldly: "Work is work! Family is family! Want to balance can, at least you have to do a good job, work are not done, want to take care of the family directly home, my money does not support idle people!" "I gave advance notice of this meeting, right? Repeatedly affirmed that no leave, no late! If you don't want to do the job, get lost, Yuanfang is short of capable officers, not lords!" The other party was red in the face, gritted his teeth, turned around and left the conference room. Li Dong also did not care, said lightly: "This is the best! Don't forget to ask him to submit his resignation report back to the personnel side." After saying this, Li Dong stared at the remaining man: "And you? Are you taking the base salary this month, or resigning?" "Mr. Li, I'll take the base salary!" The remaining young man hurriedly replied. He is not stupid, a month bonus, although the loss of a few thousand, but better than being driven away. The treatment of the far side compared to other companies in the same industry can be much better, and now is still the starting stage, there are plenty of opportunities for development in the future. This time to go really silly, as for the one who just, guaranteed to turn back to regret death. Li Dong nodded and did not say anything, and asked Liu Qi: "Who are the other four?" "Wang Yunzhong Wang store manager of North Mountain, Chen Hong Chen supervisor of the marketing department, Fang assistant of the Yanghe store in Qingyang, and Xiao Ping Xiao supervisor of the human resources department." "Wang Yunzhong deducted bonus, all others fired!" After Li Dong finished speaking, he was ready to enter the next topic, but Qi Yunna hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, Wang's store manager is really busy with the store, and also took leave with me." Li Dong glanced at her and said with a frown, "I know! But the reason why the store rework, but also his poor supervision, did not open him is cheap, deduct a month bonus you have a problem?" Qi Yunna hurriedly shook his head, the words have been said to this point, which there is no opinion. Others will not comment, even their department manager did not say anything, outsiders can still say what. But the hearts of all people are alarmed, this is now the real thing. Two supervisors, a store assistant, said open on the open. The person who left earlier is also a department head, at once, four low-level leaders left, the total Li heart is really hard. Li Dong did not care what others think, not ruthless. He repeatedly affirmed that very important meetings are absent from people do not come, and even leave, see what state these people are usually. Now do not kill a warning, these guys really think their money is for nothing. He gave the salary package dare not say the best in Pingchuan, but definitely belongs to the first line above Pingchuan, these people are so reward him? Did not continue to talk more on this, Li Dong talked about the second topic of today's meeting. "I am going to re-plan the headquarters department." There was a subtle murmur in the meeting room, re-planning the department, there must be personnel turmoil, this is a matter that is closely related to them. Li Dong didn't care about them and said, "The operation department and the purchasing department will be merged to form the commodity management department." Crowd chatter is louder, all of a sudden there is one less department, which has to be less how many management positions, and the merger of the two departments is not so simple, who is the main, who is the deputy, this can be a big deal. Li Dong frowned slightly, Liu Qi got up and drank: "are quiet, and so Li finished, naturally give you time to discuss!" The crowd hurriedly stop the sound, but it is a different look, some people are excited, some people are also apprehensive. "The three departments of marketing, finance and human resources maintain the status quo and remain untouched for the time being."