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Chapter 141: Store grading

  The meeting lasted for a long time. Whether it is the merger of departments or the formation of new departments, these are not three words can be said. Li Dong also does not expect to have a meeting to get it all done, this matter is not three or two months is not going to be sorted out. But the general framework here, the next change will not be out of this framework. When finished with the headquarters, Li Dong began to adjust the level of the branch. Previously, they were called branch stores, but now Li Dong is ready to launch community stores and convenience stores, so it is not appropriate to divide them in such a general way. According to the size of the store, market share and staff composition, Li Dong decided to divide the stores into five levels. Community stores and convenience stores, for example, both of which are small-scale operations, are collectively classified as five levels of stores. Ordinary township-level stores, if not accidentally, without special circumstances, will generally become a four-level store. And so on, the county-level branch for three, urban-level branch for two …… of course, except for special circumstances. For example, in Li Dong's planning, Dongping branch is classified as a second-level branch, and Longhua branch is classified as a first-level branch. Although Yuanfang now has very few stores and even fewer stores already in business, but the work for a rainy day still needs to be done. On this basis, Li Dong has set up city managers and regional managers. For example, Qi Yunna is now the city manager of Fucheng, while the regional manager is still just a concept of Li Dong, at least until Yuanfang opens all over Jiangbei, then it will be officially established. With the difference in rank, naturally there is also a difference in treatment. The store managers who had not taken it seriously heard Li Dong's next words and sat up. "In the future, the store managers and city managers of the first-level branches will enjoy special cars, and the company will allocate cars to them." Once these words were said, Qi Yunna was beaming with joy, it seemed that she and the store manager of Longhua store were the only ones who met this condition now. However, the store manager of Longhua store had been Sun Tao's part-time job, that is, she was now the only leader of the store system who could enjoy the treatment of car allocation. Li Dong's words were not finished, and continued after a pause: "In addition to car allocation, the first-level store manager and city manager will enjoy ten levels of base salary." Seeing some confusion, Li Dong explained, "The base salary of one thousand for a level, ten levels is also the base salary of ten thousand." Many people in the meeting room gulped, 10,000 base salary is what concept! This is the year 2005 ah! Even if no bonus, no commission, base salary of more than 100,000 a year, this is too extravagant! And bonuses and commission is not possible without, that is to say, a first-class store manager and city manager, at least 200,000 a year, can buy a house in Pingchuan. Everyone's eyes are red, but unfortunately, now the whole far side, it seems that only Qi Yunna meet this condition. So the next moment Qi Yunna was countless want to kill the eyes on, again with a car, and a salary increase, this is simply no reason! The corners of Qi Yunna's mouth were smiling crookedly, and she didn't care about those murderous gazes. Li Dong looked at the crowd and a smile appeared under his eyes. The next announcement of the treatment of other levels of store managers, the base salary from the five-level store manager 2000, all the way to the second-level store manager 8000. this series of good news to stimulate the various store managers are going crazy, at least the base salary of 2000, like Dongping Fang Hao, Xie Hong of Qingyang, these people have reached 8000, the welfare of the big giveaway ah! The far side is not yet five stores, not even four, at least three branches, that is, the minimum base salary of 6000, too exciting!