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Chapter 142 - The son-in-law fights

  Li Dong was still lamenting when he came out of the bathroom, the people from afar are able to hold it. After most of the day's meeting, the toilet actually on his one. Waiting to hear the few people who just came is proclaiming that Director Qin is queuing, Li Dong suddenly understood, if not to see Qin Hai black face, Li Dong are about to laugh spray. Qin Hai drops his face, gritting his teeth: "Finished? After we are done we should not talk!" Li Dong also knew that he could not avoid it, said: "Go to my office." The two went into Li Dong's office, Qin Hai was not polite, and sat down directly opposite Li Dong. After a moment of silence, Qin Hai said, "I didn't expect the old boss from afar would be you." Li Dong smiled and said, "It was all an accident, when the Dongping store opened, I didn't expect to make it big either." This was what was in Li Dong's heart. Speaking of which, the reason why he chose to open a supermarket was stimulated by Feng Jinsong. At that time, Li Dong wanted to leave a place for his parents to retire, who knew that by accident the development of the far side more and more quickly, and earn more and more money. The next two were silent again, after a while Qin Hai handed an envelope to Li Dong. Li Dong did not take it, but asked, "Is it too irresponsible for you to do so?" Qin Hai gasped and did not say a word, holding up the hand of the envelope also did not put down. Li Dong added: "Just because I'm your son-in-law ……" "Bullshit!" Not waiting for Li Dong to finish Qin Hai became irritated and said: "Rice can eat, words can not talk nonsense! Since when did you become my son-in-law?" Li Dong lost his smile, quickly waved his hand and said, "OK, the future son-in-law ……" "The future is not either!" Qin Hai was furious. Li Dong also did not argue with him, laughing: "Never mind whether it is, I'll ask you, dry logistics is not what you want to do?" Qin Hai's face showed Judas. To be honest, he feels that he is most suitable to do is probably logistics, after all, with the fleet of vehicles for decades. Originally, if the boss of Yuanfang was not Li Dong, Qin Hai was happy to keep doing it. But since he knew that the boss of the far side is Li Dong, Qin Hai heart is not tasty. Despite repeatedly telling himself that Li Dong valued his own ability. But he has self-awareness, to say that the ability, they do not necessarily have much stronger, after all, Li Dong actually gave him as a manager only for the sake of his daughter. This allows Qin Hai how can accept, this is not with the sale of daughter almost well! See Qin Hai does not speak?, Li Dong is not anxious, slowly said: "Since you are willing to do logistics, and the far side now has a platform, you also do cooked, why not do it?" If according to Li Dong's previous idea, Qin Hai does not do forget, simply kick away, the big deal is to give more money to him in the future to retire. But since the company is getting bigger and bigger, Li Dong's mind has changed. Since ancient times why everyone likes nepotism? That's because there is a need for it! Far East now employs thousands of people, but to say that Li Dong's first family, there are really not many. Li Dong himself is usually not much in the company, no one close to keep an eye on, he is not at ease. Sun Tao is not the general manager, Li Dong can still treat Sun Tao as a direct line, as a friend. But Sun Tao is the general manager, Li Dong can not be too decentralized, not afraid of one thing, if one day Sun Tao move, hollowed out Li Dong is not uncommon. Now most of the company's top and middle leaders are Sun Tao recruited over, Li Dong is not in, almost no one can fight with Sun Tao. To put it bluntly, one day if Li Dong had an accident, the industry can not fall into the hands of parents are not allowed to say. Li Dong although several times want to take power, but really can not under that hand. Sun Tao has paid too much for the far side, now did not make any mistakes, Li Dong suddenly take power, is not a cold heart. Since it can not be collected, it can only be prevented.