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Chapter 143: Misfortune from Heaven

  Lunch, Li Dong stay not long. With his boss in everyone can not be put, Li Dong a table toasted a glass of wine on the first flash. When he came downstairs, Zhou Haidong was eating in the hall, and when he saw Li Dong come out, he was about to get up. Li Dong reached out and gave a false pressure, saying, "You eat first, I'm going out for a cigarette." Zhou Haidong is now almost his full-time driver, but also comes with bodyguard business, usually if Li Dong does not say, Zhou Haidong almost never leave his body. Saying that Zhou Haidong was allowed to eat, in fact, Li Dong hadn't smoked half of a cigarette when Zhou Haidong hurriedly came over. The boss is waiting outside, he also has to eat to go on. Li Dong also did not say anything, the two got into the car. Zhou Haidong asked, "Mr. Li, where are you going?" Li Dong leaned back on the seat and did not say anything, he also did not know where he wanted to go. School does not want to go, the company just came out, it is too early to go home, there is no point in being alone. Li Dong suddenly found himself quite poor, since the rebirth back has been two lines of busy, as if there is no spare time life. Seeing Li Dong still pondering, Zhou Haidong suddenly said, "Mr. Li, Tan Yong's case is in court." Li Dong raised his eyebrows, so soon? Without asking Zhou Haidong how he knew, Li Dong took out the phone and called Wu Jianguo. On the phone Li Dong asked, "Tan Yong will probably be sentenced for how long?" Since the Baidu incident, anyone who is concerned about Li Dong has raised his importance by several levels. Wu Jianguo is naturally no exception, very polite and very attentive said: "The case just opened today, but I have greeted with the court, at most no more than two years." Li Dong pondered slightly, and said, "Can you reduce it further?" Wu Jianguo head is big, Li Dong this is not difficult for people. Zhu Hongtao but into a vegetable, such a serious injury case, if not he pressed, not to mention two years, sentenced to five or six years are normal. But Li Dong is now more than ever, Wu Jianguo thought about it and said: "Sentencing less probably some difficult to do, but in, you can find ways to reduce the sentence." "Then thank you Wu Bureau, I'll treat you to dinner later." Li Dong politely said. This meal is naturally not only dinner so simple, Wu Jianguo that does not see the rabbit does not scatter the eagle's character, do not play some do not expect him to contribute. Wu Jianguo naturally understood Li Dong's meaning and smilingly responded. The two of them exchanged a few words of courtesy, and only then ended the call. Hang up the phone, Li Dong glanced at Zhou Haidong, thought about it and said, "Go to Tan Yong's house to see." Although they paid for the house, but Tan Yong is after all, went in. An honest man, finally forced into this by money, or by Li Dong to this point, Li Dong heart can not be a little do not care. And more important reason, Li Dong also want to let his men know that they are not ungrateful generation. The reason why Zhou Haidong reminded himself today, I'm afraid that there are also some rabbit dead fox feeling. Although Li Dong knows he is overthinking, but it is still necessary to buy hearts and minds. Zhou Haidong heard the words just want to answer, suddenly his face changed, too late to remind Li Dong, then felt a violent vibration of the car. The unsuspecting Li Dong's head thumped into the front seat back. This hit Li Dong is dizzy, for a long time did not come back to consciousness. The stunned Zhou Haidong could not see what happened and turned around and hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, are you all right?" Li Dong reluctantly shook his head, and then he sucked in a breath of cold air in pain. Touching his forehead, a large bag was swollen.