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Chapter 144 - The female driver's rescue

  Although the female driver's words half-heartedly, but Li Dong also did not bother to look deeper. Whether the other party's car is stolen or robbed, or is really no driver's license do not want to be caught by the police, these have nothing to do with Li Dong. As long as the other party to pay, the other things are not Li Dong's turn to care. See the female driver finished paying money, but stood there in a daze, Li Dong some impatience urged: "Speed a little line, I still have things to do later." Song Jiaojiao then came back to his senses, glanced at Li Dong, face some bitter: "You wait, I do not have so much money on me, I call to find friends to borrow, to ensure that you pay, okay." "Borrow money?" The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched, crying poor also do not have to do so. You are a rich girl driving a BMW, a few thousand dollars to borrow? This is if the tricycle hit his car, people say this, Li Dong did not say anything directly even. But you a rich girl who does not take human life seriously to say this, will only make Li Dong more disgusted, rather than sympathy. Some contemptuous glance at her, Li Dong faintly said: "Whatever you want, but speed up." Song Jiaojiao's face became more and more bitter, the bastard opposite had no sympathy. Seven or eight thousand ah, a recent college graduate, internship salary is only 800 a month, save a year can not save so much, the pit also does not bring so hard right. But she also can not reason, there is reason also nowhere to say. If you are caught driving a vehicle without a license, it is sure to be detained and detained. The person was detained is fine, but if the new car of your girlfriend was detained, it will definitely kill. Although now the new car was hit, the girlfriend already has the heart to kill, but Song Jiaojiao can not stimulate the girlfriend, double stimulation she is afraid that the girlfriend can not carry. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The only person who can come up with 7,000 to 8,000 to save himself seems to be his best friend. Song Jiaojiao call, Li Dong is not interested in eavesdropping, turned and Zhou Haidong: "Tan Yong's side of the family will take time to go back, today will not go." Zhou Haidong nodded, today's situation is not appropriate to go again. Two people are talking, Song Jiaojiao voice over there suddenly some put avenue: "You guys come together, less people I do not feel comfortable." Li Dong eyebrows raised, Zhou Haidong some uncertainty: "This is called people?" "It should not be so?" Li Dong stroked his chin, still not sure, a few thousand dollars, it is necessary? But saw Zhou Haidong face gloomy said: "Just in case, or you go first, Mr. Li, I'll handle this." Li Dong waved his hand, did not think: "Even if you really call people, so what? Don't forget this is our home turf!" Upstairs is still eating the 70 to 80 people first, not to mention the Long Hua Square is not far from here, there are dozens of security guards there. But Li Dong still some can not believe that the female driver will find someone, it is not nothing to find trouble. Is now the rich generation really so arrogant and domineering? Li Dong is not sure, Zhou Haidong said or have a point, just in case is always good. After thinking about it Li Dong whispered: "Let Zheng Long Cao Hongbing bring a few people over." Zhou Haidong nodded and walked to the side and began to call. …… Song Jiaojiao came back from the phone and saw that the two people across the street were looking at themselves a little differently, and suddenly became alert. Around a look around, see the road there are still pedestrians, Song Jiaojiao sigh of relief, said out loud: "My friend will come over, you guys wait." Li Dong tentatively said, "Is your friend alone?" Song Jiaojiao looked at him warily, did not reply, but asked: "Why do you ask this?" Come on, Li Dong also do not ask. Whether it is really called people, or a misunderstanding, anyway, they are not afraid.