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Chapter 145 - Mom's request

  Li Dong frowned and said, "There is still something?" Song Jiaojiao took a deep breath and said, "You took the money, you have to write a note to me!" Li Dong did not speak, swept her a glance, and then took out paper and pen from the car and began to write a note. After writing and handing the note to the other party, Li Dong said indifferently: "I'm not so bad as to eat my words for a few thousand dollars!" Said and added: "The reason why I asked you for money, but also to warn you, do not take human life seriously!" No matter how ugly Song Jiaojiao's face, Li Dong finished and got into the car to leave. When Li Dong left, Song Jiaojiao was annoyed: "What a person! Not to mention the pit, but also pretend to be a cow, how I do not take human life seriously!" Zhang Langyu did not answer, took Li Dong's note and took a look at it. Especially when you see Li Dong's name, think for a while and then show a thoughtful look. Li Dong, Big Ben, the security guard wearing the Far Side security uniforms …… this series linked together, Zhang Lan Yu has roughly guessed the identity of Li Dong. Previously, I thought it was a rumor, but I did not expect that the old boss of Yuanfang was really so young. …… collision Li Dong turned his head and left it behind. The next time, far side because of the reconstruction of the department is very busy, Li Dong also did not have the heart to think about the other. This day Li Dong is reading documents, the phone rang. After looking at the number, Li Dong's face showed a smile and said, "Mom, what's up?" "I can't call you if there's nothing!" Cao Fang's tone was very impulsive. Li Dong didn't care and laughed, "Mom, if you have something to say, just say it, did my dad cause you trouble again?" "Son of a bitch, what are you talking about? Is your old man me a troublemaker?" Before Cao Fang could make a sound, Li Chengyuan scolded with a laugh. Li Dong didn't expect his dad to be around, so he smiled and said, "Dad, you're here too." Li Chengyuan also did not entangle, said: "Your mother has something to say to you, but this matter you make up your own mind, and do not listen to your mother's blind chatter ……" "Li Chengyuan, you say who blind chatter!" Cao Fang said angrily at once. The old two at the other end of the phone, Li Dong also did not advise, anyway, he knew the final result must be Dad surrender. Sure enough, in less than a minute, only Cao Fang's voice remained on the other side of the phone. Cao Fang seems a bit hesitant today, speaking fumbling, for a long time Li Dong to understand her meaning. When he understood, Li Dong was surprised: "Mom, you mean I have cousins?" Li Dong did not say okay, as soon as the exit Cao Fang said angrily: "You have cousins what is wrong! Your mother and I were not born and raised!" This is the first time Cao Fang was angry at Li Dong, Li Dong quickly comforted up. His mother Cao Fang's home in Qian Province, because the distance is too far apart, coupled with what happened at the beginning of the change, since Li Dong understood, his mother has never returned to Qian Province. Li Dong's memory of relatives on his mother's side of the family does not have any impression, but also has not taken it seriously. But now suddenly a cousin cousin to come to join him in Pingchuan, Li Dong heart also in the muttering. After thinking about it Li Dong still asked: "Mom, that …… my cousin cousin how for good reason want to come to join us?" In his previous life, this did not happen, otherwise Li Dong would not have been unaware that he had cousins. Cao Fang was silent for a moment before she said, "I sent 20,000 yuan to your grandmother a year ago." Li Dong now understood, feelings are so. As for the grandmother, Li Dong did not have any impression, but after all, it is the grandmother, send money Li Dong is fine, but after sending money cousin cousin came to join, will not give yourself trouble, right?