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Chapter 146 Arrangement

  On the way back, Cao Feng and Cao Yu were still lamenting, apparently they didn't expect Li Dong to have his own car. To Li Dong, or to their sister-in-law's family, Cao Feng and Cao Yu are not very well known. The reason why they came to Pingchuan is also because of the 20,000 yuan sent back by the sister-in-law, 20,000 yuan is not a small amount, the sister-in-law can send so much money back, indicating that the Li family must have developed. Originally, the developed in their eyes, at most only the kind of life without worry. Now it seems that they seem to have underestimated the Li family, even the cousin, who went to college, has a car to drive, so the Li family is really rich. …… and so on back to Wanyuan, Cao Feng Cao Yu was even more shocked. Cao Yu some formal said: "Little cousin, little aunt and little aunt husband at home?" Li Dong helped them help the luggage down and smiled, "I'm alone over here, my parents are still in Dongping." "You live alone?" Cao Yu was a bit incredulous. Such a big house, it is surprising that only cousin lives alone, how rich does this have to be to be so wasteful. Cao Feng did not say anything, but looking at the expression on his face, it was obvious that he was also stunned. Li Dong saw the situation and knew that they should not live too well, otherwise their own house is not bad, but it is not so surprising to them. Calling two people to sit down, Li Dong turned around and went to the kitchen to pour tea. As soon as Li Dong left, Cao Yu excitedly touched the house and whispered to Cao Feng, "Brother, we've come to the right place this time." Cao Feng gave a simple smile and said nervously, "I'm afraid that if Little Aunt is not here, Cousin Dongzi will not help us." When this was said, Cao Yu was also nervous. They and Li Dong can not have much affection, if Cao Fang in, at least is also a close aunt, will certainly still be dedicated. But things have come to this point, it is useless to talk about this, the two can only wait apprehensively. …… because and Cao Feng Cao Yu are the first time to see, Li Dong also have nothing to say. The two of them are asking about the situation on their grandmother's side, such as how many people are at home, whether they are healthy or not, and how they are living now …… A number of questions and answers down, Li Dong has finally clarified some of the situation. Cao Fang siblings five people, Cao Fang the youngest, there are two brothers and two sisters above. Cao Feng is the oldest is also the son of Li Dong's eldest uncle, Cao Yu is Li Dong's second uncle's daughter. Originally the two are working in the home county, but Cao Feng outside the trouble, injured a few people, no money to pay medical bills, so run away. The family side is not worried about him going out alone, so let Cao Yu accompany them to come together, just think of Cao Fang sent money over a year ago, should be developed. There is no acquaintance elsewhere, so the Cao siblings came directly to Pingchuan. When he understood this, Li Dong turned his perception of Cao Feng upside down. He originally thought that Cao Feng was an honest man, but he did not expect to be a good fighter, which is not good. Probably afraid that Li Dong misunderstood, Cao Yu on the side of the cave said: "Brother Feng is not intentionally hit people, is the courageous, those people big night want to other girls that, brother Feng encountered before the hands." Said and indignant: "But people in the police station someone, so in the end also peak brother to pay for medical expenses." Li Dong glanced at Cao Feng, saw his face with a simple smile, feel that Cao Yu said should not be false. Since it is a good deed, it means that people should not be bad, as for injuring a few people, this is not much in Li Dong's opinion. As they chatted, Cao Feng and Cao Yu talked about work. They didn't bring much money with them this time, Cao Yu gave Cao Feng a look and squeezed her eyes at him. Cao Feng hesitated a bit, and only after a while said, "Dongzi, do you think you can help me and your cousin find a job first?" "So urgent?" Li Dong Dong said, "Why don't I take you guys to play in Pingchuan for a few days first, and work a few days later?" Cao Yu hurriedly said, "No need to go to such trouble, there is always time to play, cousin should help us find a job first."