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Chapter 147 - Other people's bosses

  The next day. In the morning, Li Dong led Cao Feng two people to Longhua Square, to the second floor, before entering the supermarket Cao Yu and Cao Feng are a little timid. Cao Yu nervously said, "Cousin, this supermarket so big ah?" Li Dong said supermarket before, she thought it was similar to their county kiosk, who knew that when they arrived to take a look, it was such a big supermarket. Seeing her face nervous, Li Dong quickly reassured: "big supermarkets and small supermarkets are the same, anyway, they are all checkout and collect money, as long as you do your job." Saying so, but see the flow of people, Cao Yu but still some suppressed nervous. Li Dong saw the situation and did not say anything, led the two people will go to the back of the office area. …… Longhua store's personnel director named Zhou Cong. Because of the late sleep last night, Zhou Cong came to the office in the morning and dozed off a bit. Later is really some can't help it, plus nothing to busy, Zhou Cong will lie in their own boss chair fell asleep. When Zhou Cong opened his eyes in a daze, the face that was reflected in front of him was scared him half to death. "Li …… Li General!" Zhou Cong is about to cry, how under the sky there is such bad luck! Diligent when the boss can not see, it is easy to steal back lazy, turn the head to be caught in the act. Some time ago, Li Dong was angry to take out a director a few supervisors are still fresh in my mind, did not expect the next turn to himself. Li Dong frowned did not say anything, and so Zhou Cong was about to be scared dumb, Li Dong slowly said: "I see the boss chair is not suitable for you, turn around the chair moved away, change a stool over." Zhou Cong hurriedly nodded, trembling and said, "I will immediately change, immediately change." Li Dong lightly hummed, said lightly: "This time forget it, and then next time you know how to do." This Zhou Cong he also knows, when he was still in Longhua, Zhou Cong is also considered diligent. Otherwise, he was caught sleeping during working hours, Li Dong's temper is sure to directly let him go, now the far side is the time of shortage of people, Li Dong thought about it or decided to let him go. Zhou Cong nodded repeatedly, his heart slightly relieved, finally held up. As for changing the bench, it is a small matter, better than losing your job. Li Dong also did not bother to talk nonsense with him, pointing behind some nervous Cao Feng and Cao Yu said: "These two people you help arrange, Cao Yu to cashier, Cao Feng you let him follow the procurement supervisor to run errands." "Okay, I'll arrange it right away." Zhou Cong hurriedly returned, and finished with a secret glance at the two people. After observing the clothes and appearance of the two people, Zhou Cong immediately had a conclusion. The boss personally sent over, and dressed not very good, or when the grassroots staff, ten ** is a distant relative of the kind. But distant relatives are also relatives, it seems that in the future they have to take care of more care. Li Dong does not care what he thinks, after the arrangement and asked Cao Feng Cao Yu a few words, then first left. Recently the company side he has to personally go to keep an eye on it, to save chaos. …… Li Dong as soon as he left, Zhou Cong immediately relieved. But know that the two people in front of the boss's relatives, he did not dare to completely relax, first greeted the two people sit down, and then moved the boss chair out. After a while, Zhou Cong came in with a plastic stool. Cao Feng was a little surprised: "Zhou director, you really change ah?" Zhou Cong smiled bitterly, not really change it also fake change, not to mention the two of you in, is not in he also dare not falsify. But this he did not explain, but smiled: "Two, if you do not mind, I help you to register information?"