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Chapter 149 - Qi Yunna's Ambition

  Although the intention to ask Wang Jia what is going on, but after thinking about it, Li Dong did not talk much. Everyone has their own secrets, even if you ask with the intention of helping, Wang Jia will not necessarily appreciate it. Next, Li Dong followed the salesman to see the house, it just so happens that the first phase of the Wan Yuan has two sets of houses on the same floor to rent together, Li Dong looked at the decoration is not bad, and finally rented the two rooms together. Although Cao Yu and Cao Feng are cousins, but men and women living together is ultimately a little inconvenient, Li Dong is not short of this money, simply rent two sets, one just right. ……7 On the first day of the month, the Fucheng branch opened. Li Dong went to attend the opening ceremony of the Fucheng branch, for the opening, the far side is now a breeze. Li Dong this trip over is almost the soy sauce, summed up in one sentence: everything goes well, the opening is auspicious, the money is rolling in! Seven stores were opened at the same time, and Yuanfang's fame was a hit in Fucheng. In the evening, Li Dong booked a table at the hotel to serve as a celebration banquet. The business opened at eight o'clock in the morning, and just 12 hours later, the turnover of the seven stores surprisingly exceeded the ten million mark, and Yuanfang had once again set a record. At the banquet table, Li Dong raised his glass and said: "You are the merits of Yuanfang! The turnover exceeded ten million, which will be a milestone in the history of Yuanfang's development, and Yuanfang and I, Li Dong, will not forget you!" Qi Yunna and several store managers hurriedly raised their glasses to drink together. After drinking, Qi Yunna modestly said, "Mr. Li, it's not a big deal for seven stores to have a single-day turnover of over ten million, six stores in Qingyang have also set a record of a single-day turnover of over ten million." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "That's different, the six stores in Qingyang are now considered old stores and have a customer base. The Fucheng side is a newly opened store, the opening event discount amount is not too big, can break ten million is your efforts, no need to be presumptuous." Several store managers and Qi Yunna smiled happily, to get the praise from the big boss, this is more worthy of excitement than breaking the turnover of ten million. Eating and drinking, the banquet lasted until about ten o'clock before breaking up. Several store managers had to go back to the store to take inventory, so Li Dong left Qi Yunna behind. After praising Qi Yunna, Li Dong then said, "Manager Qi, you have fought a turnaround battle this time." Previously, because Qi Yunna was not senior enough and was the first to be promoted to city manager, she was attacked by other people's gossips behind the scenes. Many people think that Li Dong gave Fucheng to Qi Yunna is a big mistake, but today Fucheng performance is brilliant, is considered to give those people the biggest comeback. Qi Yunna nodded heavily, these days she was under more pressure than anyone else. She was promoted by Li Dong, is considered Li Dong's direct line, if this Fucheng met a waterloo, not only is a blow to her, Li Dong's reputation will also be damaged. The good thing is that the final result is not bad, the single day turnover broke ten million, no one can say out absolutely no one can pick a thorn. The two talked a few more words, Li Dong pondered for a moment and said, "Fucheng this month's task I set you 150 million, is there pressure?" The opening is the opening, activities naturally can not have every day. Although the first day turnover of more than ten million, but the next can maintain half of this level is good, one hundred and fifty million is not a small amount. Qi Yunna silently calculate for a while, 150 million, that is to say, six county stores each monthly turnover to reach 20 million, urban stores to reach 30 million. If today did not create such a miracle Qi Yunna may not have confidence, but since the single-day turnover of ten million have done, 150 million what else is there to fear.