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Chapter 150 - Two meals, two kinds of people

  Li Dong just returned to Pingchuan, the phone was almost burst. It was as if the whole world knew that he had returned from abroad, and everyone called him almost unanimously. In less than half an hour, Li Dong had settled two dinners. This is still he politely refused a lot of people, otherwise this meal can be scheduled until next week. Hang up the phone Li Dong could not help but touch his nose, when did he eat so well? …… first meal Li Dong is accompanied by Wu Jianguo, because Tan Yong's case was awarded. Three years, some more than Li Dong's expectations, which made Li Dong doubts about Wu Jianguo's ability. When eating on Wu Jianguo and Li Dong two, at first the two did not talk about the case, but about some Yaohai security problems. After drinking a few glasses of wine, Wu Jianguo sighed and said, "This fact is no way, the above investigation is tight, Zhu Hongtao's family and money and effort, can be sentenced to three years even if it is lucky." Li Dong did not say anything, after a while before saying, "Go in can find a way to reduce the sentence?" "Reduced sentence certainly line, but ……" Wu Jianguo's but Li Dong knows very well, this guy's heart is very greedy, Li Dong even suspected that he received money from both ends are possible. Li Dong also do not want to bother with him, as long as you can spend money to solve the matter, Li Dong do not mind using money to solve. Tan Yong's matter in fact Li Dong now regardless, but Li Dong can not step in his heart that hurdle. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. Wu Jianguo's face flashed with joy and smiled, "Then thank you, Mr. Li. I heard that Tan Yong is now doing well in the detention center, reduce a year and a half of the sentence is certainly no problem." Li Dong frowned, the appetite is really not small! If Wu Jianguo this person does not stop, sooner or later will be finished! If not for Tan Yong's case is responsible for the Yaohai District, Li Dong really do not want to deal with Wu Jianguo more. But the matter has come to this point, and then find someone also trouble, Li Dong face some gloomy said: "100,000, a year later I want to see Tan Yong can come out." Wu Jianguo is not yet finished, but seeing Li Dong's ugly face, he thought about it and laughed: "OK, I'll take care of this, don't worry, Mr. Li." Minus two years, a car plus 100,000 cash, it's not a small amount. He has been in the police for so many years, the network of relations throughout the Yaohai District, reduce the sentence is actually a matter of a few meals, the big deal to spend a little money, people will also give him this face. Even Li Dong if the blood again, he helped to get a medical parole can. But then to bear the relationship is a bit big, Wu Jianguo also do not want too risky. Li Dong finished talking about the matter is not long to stay, and Wu Jianguo greeted and went straight away. Wu Jianguo age to the post, and so greedy people, this kind of no future people do not need to be too close. Out of the hotel, Li Dong breathed a sigh of relief. In any case, Tan Yong side of their own is to do their best, in order to this year's sentence, they spent before and after almost a million. And so much money, but only in exchange for a Zhu Hongtao become a vegetable. Li Dong now feels that he was a bit reckless, should have known to spend so much money, he actually has many other ways to clean up Zhu Hongtao. Now it's too late to say this, and when he got into the car, Li Dong told Zhou Haidong what happened. Zhou Haidong exhaled, as if relieved of the burden in his heart, said to Li Dong: "Thank you!" Li Dong understood what he meant, smiled and did not say anything. …… second meal, Li Dong is accompanied by Hu Sicheng to eat together. The old Hu finally guarded the clouds to see the moon, rose, executive deputy district governor. The promotion of Hu Sicheng's spirits, as if with a new person, the previous bookish anger swept away, and became a qualified politician in the blink of an eye.