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Chapter 151: Pie in the sky?

  Li Dong politely refused, Hu Sicheng dumbfounded laugh. But he is not in a hurry, slowly finished a cup of tea before saying: "Next time wait for me to finish my words, or miss it can be missed." Li Dong narrowed his eyes, Laohu said so confidently, is there really a benefit? But there are benefits, old Hu can think of himself? Seeing Li Dong's doubts, Hu Sicheng did not panic and said, "In fact, the supply and marketing agency now has eight stores left, seven of which are valued at about three million." Li Dong knew the point was coming, and that the last one was valued at more than six million. A store of more than six million, it is difficult not to be in the city center? The supply and marketing agency stores are not big, this Li Dong still know, a small store, with the current prices can be valued at more than six million, there must be his uniqueness. "Do you know where Huafu Avenue is?" Hearing Hu Sicheng talk about Huafu Avenue, Li Dong immediately answered: "Could it be that the last store is in Huafu Avenue? But the property price of Huafu Avenue is not high, right? The residential building is only about three thousand a flat, and the commercial building should only be about five thousand." Five thousand a square foot, that is to say, this store is more than 1200 square meters. But Li Dong remembered very clearly that there was no such a large supply and marketing agency store on Huafu Avenue. This is still calculated with six million, if according to Hu Sicheng's more than thirty million, does it mean that this store is more than 6000 square meters! Ten acres size of commercial stores, Li Dong can not be a little bit do not know. Hu Sicheng laughed again and shook his head: "At least a billionaire, how to do things in such a hurry." Li Dong spat, you think I'm so idle like you, talk is always half cut, this is two hours have passed, in addition to bullshit what business did not talk. Hu Sicheng also does not hang Li Dong appetite, directly said: "The store is not the key, the key is behind the store there are sixty acres of barren land, this piece of land is also counted in the store area." Li Dong immediately gulped, really? Sixty acres of barren land, Washington Avenue …… these two together, that is a golden egg ah! Not long ago the Huafu Avenue side of the land auction, the specific price Li Dong did not inquire, but also heard that each mu of land more than two million. Sixty mu, that's 120 million dollars! You only need to pay more than 30 million, the land worth more than 100 million is their own? Even if you don't build a building, Li Dong put in that ten years eight years, into five hundred million is not difficult, under the sky there is such a good thing? Of course there is no free lunch under the sky! Hu Sicheng's words quickly shattered Li Dong's illusions. Although Hu Sicheng said a bunch of corners, but Li Dong finally caught a key. "You pay to resettle the old employees of the supply and marketing agency, that piece of wasteland will be developed by a special person, and the development of the property you account for 10% of the profit." Li Dong almost spray him a face! So I contribute money and effort, is to work for you! More than 30 million out, and finally people empty-handed wolf, they still only occupy 10% of the profit, the sky has such a good thing how they did not have a turn. Li Dong said with a smile on his face: "Teacher, 30 million is too much, I'm afraid I can't afford it." Hu Sicheng frowned slightly and said, "If this piece of property is developed, the profit will be at least more than three hundred million." Sixty acres of barren land, at least twenty buildings can be built. Plus the money for the land is Li Dong out, the real money spent to build the building is not much, when the building is built, even if the price does not rise, with the current market profit will be more than three hundred million. This account will be calculated by Li Dong himself, that is, he will not lose money at least. But the account is so calculated?