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Chapter 152: This is not how business is done

  Li Dong did not speak, but looked at Hu Sicheng. Today is Hu Sicheng invited him to come, he, the master is not just watching? The cold color in Hu Sicheng's eyes flickered away and he got up and said with a light smile, "Niu Mang, let Mr. Li go back first if he has something to do, let's talk again when we have time." Niu Mang shrugged his shoulders, but did not give way. Hu Sicheng's face became more and more unhappy color, obviously did not expect Niu Mang would actually be so disrespectful. Zhang Qing, who had been staring at Li Dong since he came in, suddenly spoke out: "Mr. Li, why do you have to rush off, how about sitting down and talking?" Li Dong said indifferently: "Sorry, my family has a small business, so I can't eat such a big business." Do not say no money, even if money, Li Dong also do not want to mix with them. These second-generation people eat people without spitting bones, maybe one day Li Dong's industry will become someone else's. If you look good, sitting at home to get a share of the money, not much money, the other party can provide protection, this Li Dong can accept. But just take the money and not do anything, and also very ugly look of this, Li Dong is absolutely not and they will not stir. From the previous Li Dong out of more than 30 million, take 10% of the profits, Li Dong knew that these two guys are not a good stubble. Eating is too ugly! Businessmen are fond of fawning over officials, and Li Dong is no exception, otherwise he would not be a teacher of Hu Sicheng before and after the teacher's compliments. But that is because there is profit to be made, no profit to be made, who cares which onion you are. Hearing Li Dong say so, Zhang Qing frowned slightly, and then smiled: "Mr. Li, the sale is not benevolent. Even if we can't cooperate this time, it's okay to sit down and have a couple of drinks, right?" As a last resort, Li Dong did not want to offend the two people to death. After thinking about it, Li Dong went back to his seat and sat down, but did not say a word. After drinking a few glasses with Zhang Qing, Li Dong looked at the time and said, "It's getting late, I really have something to do, so I'll leave now." Zhang Qing did not answer, but said, "Mr. Li, do you think 10% is too little? We can talk about this again." Li Dong shook his head, smiled and didn't say anything. Not too little, but do not want to deal with these two people, because their style of action Li Dong very dislike. Zhang Qing looks modest, but the bones are tough and proud, otherwise it would not take Hu Sicheng seriously. You should know that Hu Sicheng is the executive vice mayor, even if Zhang Qing's old son is the mayor of Pingchuan, Zhang Qing is not qualified to look down on Hu Sicheng. The words are not a good idea, Li Dong lightly said: "Zhang Gongzi why do you have to find me, the bank door is always open for you, would not it be better to do your own business." Zhang Qing frowned and did not speak. Niu Mang, however, could not see Li Dong's breezy appearance and said impatiently: "If it were not for the bank's recent strict card, you think we would have looked for you?" Li Dong understood, I'm afraid it's not just this reason. More importantly, it is probably because Li Dong looks like a good bully, after all, other rich people, who do not have a big brother standing behind them. Li Dong, it seems to be a go **** lucky mob, this kind of person is also the easiest to succumb. Since others when they are soft persimmon, it is even more can not give in. Otherwise, this time swallowed his 30 million, the next time you can swallow the far side. Li Dong did not want to dwell with them any longer and got up and said, "I'll say goodbye first, let's work together again next time." Li Dong was ready to go out, but Niu Mang smashed his wine glass on the ground, blocking Li Dong's way and said, "Li Dong, don't give up your face!" Li Dong's face immediately sank, and said in a deep voice: "What, you want to play hardball with me?" "Play hardball, you are also worthy! Give you the face to cooperate with you, not give you the face, you little yakuza what is the thing!" Niu Mang said with a face full of disdain.