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Chapter 153 - Li Dong's shortcomings

  Out of the hotel, Li Dong face ugly scary. Money moves people, this truth he understands. But two official generation is arrogant like this, Li Dong really did not expect. Open mouth is 30 million, but also look like they look up to you to let you pay, Li Dong almost exploded lungs. He is a small yakuza? Do these guys do not know that money can pass God, pissed him off, the next Zhu Hongtao may be who it is! Pingchuan this mu of land Li Dong also gave him three points of face, out of Pingchuan, these two guys are what! Take a deep breath, Li Dong took out a cigarette and lit it, the fire in his heart gradually calmed down. When the cigarette was finished, Li Dong asked Zhou Haidong, "Old Zhou, how do you think it's so hard to honestly do serious business these days?" Zhou Haidong did not know what stimulus Li Dong had received, and did not know how to reply for a while. Li Dong also did not expect him to reply, gritted his teeth and said to himself: "Each one is forcing me, each one thinks they can pinch me, want to use me as their ATM? You think so!" After a few moments of contemplation with his eyes closed, Li Dong Dong said, "Send me back." …… This night Li Dong tossed and turned, sleepless night. The official business official business, officials in the front, business in the back, this is the unchanging truth since ancient times. The previous Zhu Hongtao trouble that time, Li Dong realized this, but also know where their own shortcomings. He is not actually lack of money and talent, the real lack of political background. So after the Zhu Hongtao incident, Li Dong on the one hand, using money to draw Wu Jianguo, on the other hand, and Hu Sicheng playing the emotional card. But until today, Li Dong realized that his vision is still too small, only looking at a piece of the sky in front of him. With the help of Wu Jianguo and Hu Sicheng, it is not difficult for Yuanfang to gain a foothold in Yaohai District, but magnified to the whole Pingchuan, Wu Jianguo and Hu Sicheng are just a drop in the ocean. Pingchuan is the provincial capital, in addition to the municipal government, there is the provincial government. Hu Sicheng, the deputy district chief really to the critical moment, not to say that not to take the stage, even if he has the heart to stand on his side is difficult to say. Today, Niu Mang stormed, Hu Sicheng did not even say a word, it can be seen in his eyes Li Dong's weight is not heavy enough. The weight is not heavy enough, then add weight! One hundred million you look down on, a billion? How about ten billion? Li Dong secretly gritted his teeth, these will be realized sooner or later, but now since it has not yet reached the point where money can smash people to death, then go find a big leg to hug. Niu Meng these people do not see him? Then find a more powerful than their old man to rely on the past, do not forget that he is a reborn person. Others he does not know, but the next ten years active in the Jiangbei political scene of those big brothers Li Dong or heard of. Now still at the peak of Li Dong temporarily do not consider, but there are always one or two temporarily still in the stage of not rising, they should not be difficult to rely on the past. …… Li Dong feel not difficult, actually really to the operation stage, only to find difficult as heaven. He spent a day, the Jiangbei large and small leadership resumes were studied, but finally found that he was optimistic about the people either now not at all in Jiangbei, or is already at the peak stage. For example, the governor of Jiangbei, who ascended to the top next year, is now the executive vice governor. This level of officials, Li Dong is still not in contact with, even if contacted, people do not necessarily look at him. And Li Dong second bullish deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, now they are already Pingchuan city party committee / secretary, and also hanging the title of the Standing Committee of the provincial party committee.