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Chapter 154 - Unexpected Encounter

  Qin Yuhan is back by train this time. When Li Dong arrived at the station, it was already almost twenty minutes late. When Li Dong saw Qin Yu Han, only then did he know that Qin Yu Han was not back alone, Qi Fangfang was also there. Seeing Li Dong's surprised face, Qi Fangfang, who was waiting a bit impatiently, huffed, "Look at your expression, as if we are not welcome?" Li Dong hurriedly laughed: "How could it be, a visit from a senior student of Beijing University, welcome, welcome to the core!" "It always feels like your tone has more flirtatious elements in it." Qi Fangfang grumbled. Li Dong did not pay attention to her, and finished greeting Zhou Yue and Zhang Mengmeng next to him, and only then whispered to Qin Yuhan. Two months have passed, Qin Yuhan has lost some weight and darkened a bit. Hearing Li Dong ask about Qi Fangfang and the girls, Qin Yuhan explained in a low voice: "Fangfang and the girls said they want to travel the country in the summer, the first stop was chosen Pingchuan, probably stay on three or four days they will go to the next stop." Li Dong heard a speechless, these girls are really bold. Also travel the country, not to mention that they can not suffer, a few girls alone out there, are not afraid of accidents? Other people's business Li Dong is not in charge, just whispered to Qin Yuhan said: "They go to their, you do not go." Qin Yuhan understood what he meant, snickered, nodded and did not speak. A few people out of the station, Qin Yuhan is trying to lead Qi Fangfang girls to the intersection to take a taxi, Li Dong see the situation to stop, "I drove here, you guys wait for me here for a while." After saying that, Li Dong ran towards the parking lot. Qi Fangfang was a little surprised: "Li Dong still has a car?" Li Dong bought a car, Qin Yuhan also did not know, smiled and shook his head: "I'm not sure, but he is busy with work, should be buying a car." "Busy with work? Li Dong is not a student of Jiangda University?" Zhang Mengmeng heard Qin Yuhan say so, some strange asked. Qin Yuhan had never said anything about Li Dong's business venture in the dormitory, but since he had arrived in Pingchuan, there was no need to hide some things. Seeing that several people are looking at themselves, Qin Yuhan briefly introduced a few words. Hearing that Li Dong started his own business in high school, several girls were a little surprised. There is no such thing as a college student starting a business, and there are especially many in Beijing University, but it is really rare to see a business start in high school. When Qin Yuhan finished, Qi Fangfang was a little curious: "So how much money has Li Dong earned so far?" Since he can afford to buy a car, it is obvious that Li Dong is making money. Qin Yuhan shook her head, this she really did not know. "No way! You don't even know this!" Qi Fangfang said with a face of hatred: "Men become bad when they have money, not to say that he will give you the money, at least in the heart to be right." Qin Yuhan was about to speak when he saw a shiny black car stop beside several people. Li Dong opened the door and got out of the car, saw the people looking at themselves a little strange, strange, "What's wrong? What are we talking about?" Qin Yuhan, afraid of Qi Fangfang's mouth, hurriedly said, "Did not say anything, when did you buy a car?" Li Dong patted his head, embarrassed: "Last time before going to the capital to buy, I forgot to tell you." Qin Yuhan also did not ask again, helping Li Dong put the suitcase into the trunk together. Seeing that the two were far away, Zhang Mengmeng whispered, "This is a Mercedes, right? It seems to be quite expensive." "Mercedes S350, at least a million or more, tsk …… did not expect ah!" Qi Fangfang tsk mouth, this did not expect is obviously did not expect Li Dong this guy so rich. The car you drive are more than a million, it can be seen that the business is not small.