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Chapter 155: Do you know the rules?

  When she entered the kitchen, Yang Yun still looked a bit dazed. Qin Hai, who was cutting vegetables, felt something wrong with her and asked, "What's wrong?" Yang Yun shook her head, then hesitantly said, "Mr. Li is here." "Which General Li ……" halfway through the sentence Qin Hai realized who had come, his face became abruptly odd. Take off your apron, wash your hands, Qin Hai said, "You cook, I'll go out to greet him." Yang Yun couldn't help but say, "Why is Mr. Li coming over?" She felt something popping out of her head, slowly assembling into a complete line, but the line was still missing a bit of something crucial. And she subconsciously vetoed it all, it just felt too fantastical. Qin Hai did not say a word, wiped his hands clean and walked out. …… living room. Just now Yang Yun lost her mind everyone saw, Qi Fangfang pulled Qin Yuhan and whispered, "Yuhan, is it that auntie is not happy?" Qin Yuhan shook his head and explained, "It has nothing to do with you guys." Said also glanced at Li Dong, now everyone suddenly understood, feelings are Li Dong caused the trouble. They thought Yang Yun was upset because Li Dong and Qin Yuhan were in love, and no one thought much about it for a while. But Qin Yuhan knew it was not because of this, but because Li Dong was her mother's boss. Some hesitation, Qin Yuhan thought about it or asked Li Dong Dong, "Why don't you go back first?" Li Dong is also in a dilemma, today's meeting with Yang Yun is not in his expectation. But hearing Qin Yuhan say this, Li Dong thought about it. Now the Qin family also Yang Yun does not know about himself and Qin Yuhan, this matter sooner or later can not be avoided, sooner or later a showdown is the same. I was ready to speak, Qin Hai has come out of the kitchen. Qin Hai did not greet Li Dong, first greeted Qi Fangfang a few people to sit down, and warmly took out fruit to entertain a few people. After arranging the others, Qin Hai gave a wink to Li Dong. Li Dong saw the situation and touched his nose, away from home, seems to be some disadvantage ah. Under Qin Yuhan's worried eyes, Li Dong followed Qin Hai and went to the balcony. When he arrived at the balcony, Qin Hai handed a cigarette to Li Dong, Li Dong took the cigarette and just lit it, old Qin said with a black face: "I handed you a cigarette and you smoke, still know the rules!" Li Dong was dumbfounded, who are we with who ah. The entire company who does not know that he smokes, do you have to politely refuse, and then coyly said, "Uncle, I do not smoke." Think about it Li Dong is squirming, too fake. Not to give old Qin another chance to be intimidated, Li Dong hurriedly said, "Uncle Qin, you and Aunt Yang didn't go to work today?" Qin Hai froze for a moment, the corner of his mouth crooked, and coughed dryly, "Your Aunt Yang and I took off work." "Both of you took leave, what about the logistics company side?" Li Dong took advantage of the situation to pursue the attack. If you don't take advantage of the opportunity to expand the battle, old Qin may not be able to deceive later. "The logistics department over there I have arranged ……" said this Qin Hai back to his senses, good boy, but also with himself to this set! Now it is in his home, he is now not Li Dong's staff, but his old man! Qin Hai's nose is crooked, whispered: "I haven't asked you, how did you come back with my daughter!" "I drove here." Li Dong replied smoothly. "I'm not asking that!" Qin Hai blackened his old face, is that what he meant by asking? Li Dong skimmed his mouth, glanced towards the living room and said smilingly, "Uncle Qin, there are still guests, don't get angry, people will see the joke." Qin Hai was furious, but it is indeed not convenient to get angry now, and again it is meaningless to get angry. He did not bother to talk nonsense with Li Dong, said directly: "I do not care about your affairs, you go talk to Yu Han her mother yourself."