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Chapter 156 - A call from the capital

  Once Qin Hai Yang Yun left, Qi Fangfang several people suddenly relaxed a lot. This leisure, several people can not sit down, pick up the tourist map of Pingchuan began to study up. Li Dong did not bother with them, accompanied by Qin Yuhan in a side whispering. As he and Qin Yuhan were discussing whether to stay at his place at night, Qi Fangfang came over with the map and asked, "Li Dong, do you have time tomorrow? If it's okay, can you drive us to Xiyan ancient town for a day?" Li Dong glanced at Qin Yuhan and saw that she was also looking forward to it, so after thinking about it, he nodded and said, "Okay, I'll come and pick you up tomorrow morning." In fact, he had a lot of things to do these days, he was busy with Fucheng and Copper Mountain some time ago, and there were still a lot of things to deal with in Pingchuan. But since Qin Yuhan wants to go, Li Dong draws also to take a time out to accompany her to go together. The phone rang when Li Dong was discussing tomorrow's schedule with several people. Looked at the number, it was a landline in Beijing. Li Dong gestured towards a few people and walked to the balcony and connected the phone. …… Once Li Dong left, Qi Fangfang hurriedly signaled the crowd to be quiet. Qin Yuhan just wanted to ask questions, Qi Fangfang whispered: "Stupid ah, answer the phone to avoid you, there must be odd." "It won't be, it must be something at work." Qin Yuhan weakly argued. Qi Fangfang glared at her and whispered, "Don't make a sound, is there something odd, just listen and you will know." Qin Yuhan said on her lips that she did not care, in fact, even the gasp was much smaller. "Yes …… I have no intention of cashing out ……" "What is the initial pricing?" "The investment bank recommended price …… $17-19 I personally feel it is low, of course Li Dong has his considerations ……" "I suggest pricing at $30 around …… this is just my personal idea ……" "The United States I probably don't have time to go over, but thanks for the invitation, Li Dong." …… hung up the phone, Li Dong unconsciously lit a cigarette and smoked it. In a flash it is the middle of July, today is July 10, Baidu listing has entered the final process. Baidu informed him that on July 13, Baidu will submit a prospectus to Nasdaq. If Li Dong intends to cash out, it is now the final stage, and after the prospectus is submitted, the 500,000 shares he has on hand will enter the blocking phase. The release period is half a year, not a year as Li Dong thought before. And Li Yanhong also invited Li Dong to go to NASDAQ in August to witness the historical moment of Baidu's IPO. Li Dong politely declined, he only wanted to make money, but did not want to witness the miracle moment with them. Li Dong could not contain his excitement when he thought that Baidu would soon be listed and that his shares would soon skyrocket. 500,000 shares of Baidu would be worth more than $50 million after six months of listing. The 50 million dollars converted into RMB that is more than 400 million, with this more than 400 million, Li Dong can do a lot of things that he can not do now. Li Dong fell into a deep thought, when they are all cash or leave part of it just in case? It was not until he felt a burning sensation on his fingers that Li Dong came to his senses. The first thing you need to do is to look back and see that a few girls have entered the balcony and are staring at you with strange eyes. Li Dong threw the cigarette into the trash can and looked at several people and wondered, "What's wrong, all looking at me like this?" Zhang Mengmeng said curiously, "Li Dong, you are going to America?" "You're doing a big business, you've actually gone abroad?" Qi Fangfang was amazed.