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Chapter 157 - Qin Yuhan's Fear

  "Mr. Li!" "Hello, Mr. Li!" …… entered the headquarters of Far Far Away, Li Dong walked all the way and people kept greeting him. The few people who were laughing and talking with Li Dong earlier, Qi Fangfang, were feeling a lot of pressure at this time. They are just students in the end, when have they seen such a scene. The whole floor of the building is the office space of the far side, hundreds of employees are busy in a tense and orderly manner, and at this moment Li Dong seems like a lion patrolling his territory. Although at this time Li Dong is still smiling, but Qi Fangfang a few people look at Li Dong again, is not the same feeling. To put it evilly, the current Li Dong seems to have more of an aura than before, so that people dare not look directly at. When they reached the office door, Liu Qi welcomed them, and the pressure on several women became even greater. Mature, beautiful, simple, competent. This is the first impression that Liu Qi brought them, and Liu Qi that a well-fitting professional clothes, more and more set off the Liu Qi is not ordinary. They were looking at Liu Qi at the same time, Liu Qi was also observing them, because this is the first time Li Dong brought outsiders into the company. After a brief glance, Liu Qi put down her heart. Although a few small girls look good, but they look very young, should still be students. Since they are students, they can't threaten her position as the president's assistant. There is no competition, Liu Qi's eyes look much kinder, Li Dong brought people, that must have a great relationship with Li Dong, pulling relations is always useful. Li Dong did not care about the psychological activities of both sides, saw Liu Qi and asked: "Old Zhou is here?" "Yes, supervisor Zhou and the others are waiting for you in the office." Liu Qi hurriedly returned. Li Dong nodded and turned to Qin Yuhan and introduced, "This is my assistant Liu Qi, you can call her Sister Liu." Qin Yuhan several people hurriedly shouted, "Sister Liu." Liu Qi responded with a smile, and saw Li Dong pointing at Qin Yuhan and introduced, "This is my girlfriend Qin Yuhan and a few of her classmates, later I have something to do, you accompany them around." Once Liu Qi heard that it was the boss's girlfriend, the future boss's wife, the smile on his face became more and more brilliant, and he hurriedly set up a close relationship. When both sides finished their courtesies, Li Dong instructed Qin Yu Han: "Let Liu Qi accompany you later where you want to go, don't go far, I'll come to you when I'm done." Qin Yuhan smiled like a flower when she heard Li Dong introduce herself as his girlfriend, and she snapped, "I'm not a child, you go about your business." Li Dong saw the situation and smiled and did not say more, admonished Liu Qi some and went into the office. …… "Mr. Li!" Zhou Haidong saw Li Dong enter the door and hurriedly greeted, and then said to the people around him, "Quickly call Mr. Li." "Good day, Mr. Li!" Several men standing around Zhou Haidong immediately shouted at the words. And the shouting is very unified, one can hear it is the habit left when training as a soldier. Li Dong smiled and said, "All sit down, why make so serious." When he came in, several people are standing straight, and I do not know how long they have been standing, Li Dong look tired. Called a few people to sit down, see them all a little restrained, Li Dong laughed: "Don't be nervous, in fact, I'm more nervous than you, a few of you look like a battle-hardened elite, I should be afraid of you." Several people smiled at his words and relaxed a little in their hearts. Li Dong also did not have too much courtesy with them, directly said: "Salary treatment Lao Zhou and you said?" Several people hurriedly nodded their heads. "Then you should also know what I asked you to do, right?" A few people nodded again, one of them said in a voice: "Mr. Li, don't worry, we are all professional scouts, I have been a soldier for nine years, I dare not say that I have been on the mountain of knives and the sea of fire, but I have carried out no less than a hundred missions and never failed." Li Dong froze for a moment, earlier he said these people are experienced in a hundred battles is just a polite, did not expect these guys are really elite soldiers. Why is the elite soldiers, because he said the implementation of the mission. Being a soldier does not mean that you can carry out tasks, many people return from several years as soldiers, in addition to daily training, at most to participate in a few pulling tasks. The real military tasks can go out to carry out few and far between, he did not think that the other party is talking about unusual tasks. Talent ah! Li Dong sighed with emotion, did not expect the old week also know such talent.