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Chapter 158 - The efficiency of women

  On the way back, Qin Yuhan was a little distracted. Li Dong invited her to have dinner together in the evening, but she also refused with the excuse of accompanying her parents. At night when they went to bed, several girls were huddled in a big bed chattering about what they had seen during the day. Talking about it, Zhang Mengmeng said with a face full of expectation, "I really hope I can find a boyfriend like Li Dong in the future, so I can eat whatever I want and not be afraid that no one will pay for it." "Just know how to eat, besides eating you can not have some other pursuit!" Qi Fangfang first despised for a while, then also longed for himself: "Find a rich husband, the first thing to do of course is to travel around the world, all over the world can leave my footprints, simply fantastic!" "Well, when traveling around the world can also eat all the world's food, I also want to travel around the world." Zhang Mengmeng licked her lips and picked up the conversation. Qi Fangfang was helpless and said, "You are a foodie, can you say something else besides eating!" "But this life is not to eat and drink two words? Can you not eat and drink and still survive?" Zhang Mengmeng retorted with a strong voice. Qi Fangfang could not refute, muttered a few words and no longer pay attention to her. Zhou Yue, who had not spoken much, suddenly said, "Yu Han, what do you think?" Qin Yuhan, who was lost in thought, froze for a moment and said blankly, "Thinking about what?" "Thinking about your future with Li Dong." Zhou Yue's tone was calm, "Don't forget, you will be separated for the next three years, do you think he can wait for you for three years?" "Definitely will!" Qin Yuhan finished but felt a little short of breath. Zhou Yue saw this and no longer made a sound, Qi Fangfang and Zhang Mengmeng also quieted down. After a while, Qin Yuhan murmured, "Then what can I do, should I quit school and come back to guard him?" Qi Fangfang immediately retorted, "You're stupid! If a woman has no independence at all, will men like it? You are a talented girl from Beijing University, are you really going to become a housewife? Now we are still young, but when you are old and pearly, rich people who are willing to keep a yellow face all day long." Qin Yuhan was speechless. Qi Fangfang said again: "I say simply do not think so much. We are talking about all this is based on Li Dong's change of heart, which is not valid now. If, I say if one day Li Dong really changed his mind, are you still afraid of not finding a good man?" "To put it bluntly, Li Dong in addition to a little money, which point can match you? You have the education, talent and looks, it's Li Dong who should be worried!" Qi Fangfang finished, the crowd did not speak again. The room gradually quieted down, this night several girls have thought a lot. …… the next day. Because it was agreed to go to Xiyan ancient town today, Li Dong drove to the Qin family early in the morning. When he went upstairs, he just met Qin Hai and Yang Yun who came downstairs. Li Dong greeted with a smile, "Uncle Qin, Aunt Yang, good morning!" Qin Hai said reluctantly: "Of course, early, exploited by the capital, not early to go but to deduct wages." Li Dong face stiffened, old Qin is not menopause, when I deducted your wages? Besides, the work time is set at nine o'clock, if this is considered exploitation, the bosses who work at seven o'clock and eight o'clock are not to be pulled out and skinned. Yang Yun gently tugged Qin Hai, smiled at Li Dong: "Mr. Li ……" "Aunt Yang, call me Li Dong." Li Dong interrupted in a hurry. Yang Yun originally wanted to say a few words, but this was interrupted, Yang Yun also did not want to say, reluctantly smiled: "Then you guys be careful on the road today, come back early at night." After saying this, he pulled Qin Hai and left in a hurry, as if Li Dong was a man-eating monster.